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Nigerian filmmaker confirms being Uber driver in US


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Nigerian filmmaker and actor Femi Brainard has said he had a better life in Nigeria than he is currently having after relocating to meet his wife in the United States of America.

Brainard spoke his mind in an interview with Teju Oyelakin, better known as, Teju Babyface.

He said he had not find it easy since he relocated abroad.

He said he decided to move abroad many years ago to meet his wife.

Comparing his two lifestyles in Nigeria and abroad, Brainard said it was better to be celebrated and be a prince in Nigeria than to move abroad and be a nobody.

He also noted that his wife does not love it at all.

The actor said whenever a Nigerian booked his services, they would be staring at him the entire trip, probably wondering if he was the actor they used to see on the screen back in Nigeria.

He said the bold ones would ask him if he was the famous actor they knew in Nigeria.

He speaks fondly about his time in Nigeria when he was a household name and paid homage to some industry titans such as Tunde Kelani, Tunji Bamishigbin and Yinka Akanbi for shaping him and helping him to become the star that he eventually became.

He said another chapter of his life was opened with his relocation abroad. Femi said he now worries about some things that never bothered him back in Nigeria, such as the rent, but life goes on.

However, unless Brainard speaks about his struggles, you would not know because he looks really settled and has piled on some weight, which may suggest that life has not been totally bad for him abroad.



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