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Nigeria; the Land of Mediocrities

In Nigeria, we roll out the red carpet in the celebration of mediocrity


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When he comes around, often in the evening of reality, the Eastern and Western Nigerian intellectual meets the triumphant laughter of the mechanic who knew things all along without opening a book.

He is no intellectual.


He is too lazy to think.


When he tries, the need for POSITIVE optics in the eyes of the powers-that-be supersedes that of telling the truth for him.


His or her stomach comes first.


He is happy to be invited to parties he is supposed to be hosting.


I will tell you guys a few short stories;

Any country that functions like the below will eventually burn like Nigeria is burning now. You can blame whoever you want but bad precedents always set people up for implosion.


In 1992, during the vice presidential debate between SDPs Kingibe and NRC’s Sylvester Ugoh. Kingibe was Vice under Moshood Abiola and Ugoh was Vice under Tofa. Found in the audience were a number of people including SDP’s Ojo Maduekwe (Former Minister of Transport under Obasanjo Presidency) at the time.


During the question and answer session, Ojo Maduekwe asked Ugoh and I quote below;


“Sir, you studied economics at the University of London in the early 1950s and you became the governor of the Central Bank of Biafra.


In fact, your signature is on the Biafran currency, but today you are playing second fiddle to someone with no such pedigree. Do you feel comfortable with this?”.


Mr. Ugoh gave a response that is still shocking to this day.


Hear Ugo below in quote;


“There is a FIRST fiddle, a SECOND fiddle, and a NO fiddle. It is better to be a SECOND fiddle than be a NO fiddle”.


Annoying, right?




Ponder on the below;


In the 1950s when Dr. Sylvester Ugoh was studying economics at the University of London, Alhaji Tofa was in his early secondary school education in Kano yet Ugo saw no contradiction in being second fiddle to Alhaji Tofa.


Well, as it was then so has it remained. Let the BLIND continue to lead the people who can SEE. Let the ruse, bazaar, and jamboree continue!


What is certain is that based on the prevailing conditions, the Unitary Feeding Bottle System has been canceled in heaven, purgatory, and in hell.




Ironies, aberrations, and despicable reprehension are bonafide citizens of Nigerian.


Now, the most recent continuation of this despicable tradition that rolls out the red carpet for the celebration of mediocrity was showcased in full glare at the 2019 Presidential Elections.


The duo of extremely educated Peter Obi and Osinbajo castrated themselves first before they decided to deputize for two semi-illiterates. Out of the duo, one can barely read and write.




I am not done yet. MOVE WITH ME!

Also, in 1960, Zik was a Ph.D. holder when he cowardly gave his birthright to an unknown entity called Tafawa Belewa who was considerably less educated.


In 1979, Late Ekwume had numerous degrees but he sat on his balls and gladly surrendered his patrimony to a school teacher called Shagari.


We are indeed cursed in this country

One step forward and two backward…Take the cart and put it before the horse.


This tradition has continued to this day because we have men without balls.


When people raise the Nigerian issue, some will tell them to listen to the Elders.


I ask, which elders?


We did this to ourselves and until we correct it, we will never fix a damned thing.

Wait for it.

We are still digging-in instead of digging-out as we have just “elected” a President whose personal and academic history is unclear.

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