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Nigeria past and present: A virile thought

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Nigeria cryingThe mode of event that has precipitated our past and present as a country, has been described like a tale, told by the old to their siblings.  A country filled with

plenty yet clothed with the best adjectival clause of expression of poverty and wants. While some people die of hunger, others are filled to the brim and gasping for breath as a result of non-availability of space for them to breathe properly because of the abuse of plenty at their disposal.  

My head is laden with burden as my sense of living in a country where its natural resources is in hundreds, yet the key to access the public satisfaction that is capable of reaching everybody is in the hands of the few.  Rather than continue in this abysmal monumental life style that is capable of having the peoples heads at the altar of sacred adornment of sadistic shrine, they prefer to be far from the home of their birth and take refuge under the melancholic shed of another country as asylums.

 My dent of being called a citizen in a country where some persons are more equal than the others overthrow the original purpose I was born, and in each passing moment my soul longs for a high disturbing rationality that is unequaled and cant best be described in words. My tormentors are my rulers and any move made to err out these disgruntles attitudes of oppression result in the full glare of weaponry and silence. I dare not complain yet I live like a lantern whose destiny is relied upon and tied to the mouth breeze of a mortal being.

The servants have succeeded in turning the masses as their servitude their continuous quest for power and lust over the country’s treasuries has given a wider room for an unrepentant behavior and anomalies. My blood boils from the stings of constant harassment and every night saw my eyes gazing menacingly at the ceiling. I am a product of perpetual hallucination and mind bogging affairs.

The clog seems very long a portion but the affluence that has imprisoned the original template by which the Red Letter day was doctored, nurtured and invoked has lost its virility as the enigma of our togetherness have long ago misplaced the effigy that stood as the sanctuary keeper of our deeds and agreement to live as one. Our minds have become sepulcher and our hope for tomorrow has bemoaned the advent adventures of our misdeeds as the so called political masturbators who disguised to be the people’s messengers have never departed from their sworn method of compounding issues by their constant cross carpeting and romancing the wave of ember of political proliferation from the surface of who offers the best incentives.

Who will atone for the sins committed and done to mankind by these evil nocturnal men whose only motives in Government is to make life difficult for the common man? The corpses of our heroes past obviously will be wailing and weeping in their different graves as their rest is no longer peaceful. I once weep uncontrollably but my tears are now dried up that my face from the repeated glare of hallucination is gradually graduating from its youthful appellation to the stage of wrinkle.

Who failed my country? Could the mean main mar the making of my mindset or is my cognitive structure driving me overboard? Who brought us down here? How and where did we get it wrong? The promises heralded by our forebears, the luxuries that were showcased in pictorial lullaby, the images of nostalgia and the feeling of belongingness.  

Our present state as it stands now is clothed with sadness as even the least person on the streets especially the youths has no sense of direction, no valve, no hope of vision and no faith in the thieves that herald their affairs of the country. Ours is gradually ascending in to the state of opprobrium and the threshold of historical calculative declination descending into the gallows.

The incessant looting which gave room to the abuse of power can no longer be quenched as the taste for continuous acquisition of ill-wealth reigns supreme.  We now live on the promises of international assistance, our fate as a Nation is now tied to the apron string of tomorrow’s uncertainty. The essence of acquiring knowledge has been sold to the dustbin since its original blueprint of popular belief has been defeated. Shame! Shame! Shame!!!

That is what we parade as a country. While we take solace in the arm bit of a developing Nation, those who copied our initial beginning has long crossed the tapeline and breast tape of accomplishment. If free born now live like slaves because of hunger and dejected loneliness, what then is the imperativeness of harmonious compatibility?

Just few has it, yes, they do have it in excesses and never letting it get out of the system because they are regularly benefiting from its spoils. Just the victory won at war, none has conscience of recompense or recourse to attitudinal change, all conquests are given loud applause and encouragement to thrive.

Quite agreed that some choices in life are not ours to make but must we allow Ekwensu the devil and the god of confusion to tell us different?  The supreme deity whose eyes oversees the affairs of men is taking note and we are conversant of the fact that, any evil done to man by man will be redressed, if not by men, by nature, if not nature, then certainly by God.  

Karma is one chief judge that does not require any fee to discharge its duties. I have chosen not to vent my outpour which some tagged frustration or anger on the mount of sermonized orison, neither have I chosen to tail the tiger by the trail of a risk gaming expedition. One thing is certain, there is a limit to elasticity and every action that precipitate the circle of a nauseating gland will be uprooted by those who think and likened themselves to be wise. 

Like the Book of Psalm 1 says; the counsel of the ungodly shall perish. This is the gospel fact because the fowl mouth of the vulture will not change it from what its chi has made it.

The incessant oppression, propaganda and lies shall soon cease and looters will all be brought to book. The youth shall arise and realize who they are.  Their visionless alibi that has inundated their mind to be static will soon be freed from clouded web of confusion. 

Freedom shall be revered the solution to self-realization will be paraded like a new world is born. It will be as though another country has been found inside an existing country. This assertive statement is not felony or misdemeanor but a realistic way of simply uttering the statement if the right things are not done and upheld immediately.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

This is my virile mind.

Daniels Onyemaka; kconceptmate@yahoo.com

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