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Niger Delta artisans lament constant harassment by police

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Niger Delta*Also violation of the GMoU*

With the recent adjustments and changes raging the country’s various sectors, any viable

contribution and idea that will propel the affair of the country to an enviable height will be welcomed at this point in time. 

It is on this note that the Niger-Delta Indigenous Artisan Association comes to mind. Unlike every other Association which ranges from different social political synergy and affiliations, the Niger-Delta Indigenous Artisan Association is specifically different from them all.

If there is one area His Excellency, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, will have to look up to for succinct information, feedbacks and possible ways of harnessing the upstream, middle and downstream sectors, while at the same time engaging Nigeria Artisans into job and employment opportunity, is to partner with this genuine Niger-Delta Indigenous Artisan Association NDIAA without further ado. 

This registered group under the leadership of Comrade Emine Tiyeinabeso has summarized words into action by doing that which has attracted applause and conceivable envy from those who feels the group has come to light to expose their shady deeds.

The Niger-Delta Indigenous Artisan Association [NDIAA] has been described by many as a succor to the Artisans in the Niger-Delta region whose faith before now are tied to uncertainty as regards employment allotment and murky future. It is no longer news that the Nigeria modus of operational man-power in respect of skilled labor has been abused especially as it relates to the various artisan technical professionals in the oil and gas sector which is clothed with nepotism and favoritism thereby giving rooms for foreigners to occupy and carry same job positions that our own indigenous artisan ought to do.

Suffix it to say that our own indigenous skilled technical professional Artisans, are usually considered as the last resort and last fiddle whenever there are need for them, not that they are not qualified or fit to withstand whatever requirements that may be deemed fit by the upstream, middle and downstream sector, the question therefore is; why are they not considered having been practically trained to discharge that which might be needed of them? POLITICS!

Right from the stable of Independence of 1960, even before the first oil well was discovered in Oloibiri on the 10th of June, 1954, the belief and regular practice of engaging foreigners to do our exploration in the oil and gas sector as recorded in those years seems to be unabated even after lots of our youths has taken it upon themselves to get proper training and obtain the necessary skills and certificates needed. 

The relegation remain unbridled and the acrimonious act of selective concentration and segregation by some of the oil workers continue to thrive to a far saddening experience as the youths in these regions whose fate are dashed without employment continue to lead the restiveness train, hence, the constant puncturing of the fragile peace existing in these regions.

All these felonies and anomalies gave birth to the Niger-Delta Indigenous Artisan Association, a registered Organization poised to restore permanent peace via acting as a watch dog and training more artisans under its fold.

The NDIAA has been recognized by several communities who believe so much in the union and have vented their hope of negotiation towards securing jobs for the youths and youth elders in the region. This the Union has been doing and peace has so far be reigning supreme in these sectors and regions.

The group has done a lot in the area of ensuring peaceful operations of the oil and gas sector which are sub sector of the country’s economy. The group has meditated in positive light on numerous occasions by keeping the pace of peaceful operations in these regions at a constant bar. This is made possible by the consensual agreement and partnership with the zones and regions where the gas and oil activities take place. 

NDIAA operations, aside from meddling into the affairs that leads to peace, the group also fronts for the unemployed artisans who are professional technicians and possess each, with skills running into 41 different areas of specialization. 

Even with the constant challenges that rear its head often times at off shore and on shore, this group has single handedly lived up to its mission and vision statement which is engaging every youth and youth elders in the availability of jobs. Like the saying goes, ‘’an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’’.

 NDIAA has disproved this archaic perception by her constant monitoring of employment of the Nigeria people, but urge the presidency to wave his ember of embrace so that they can work together for the betterment of our great country.

We call on His Excellency to embrace this genuine group and grant them audience as their deeds, aims, objectives and mission is to contribute her quota towards making  the country greater in all spheres as deemed concern.

Comrade Daniel Onyemaka

Spokesperson, Niger-Delta Indigenous Artisans Association

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