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Nggilari’s Administration was not fair to our People – Gov Bindow

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Senator Mohammadu Umaru Jibrilla BindowThe Governor of Adamawa state, Senator Mohammadu Jibrilla Bindow [above] has chided the past leadership of the state as being unfair to the entire people of Adamawa.

Bindow accused the Nggilari’s regime as the main problem of salaries delays and attributed many myriads of the problems to the past government as a result of huge amount of loans incurred.

Bindow said this in a world press conference in Yola to mark his hundred days in office where he revealed to Adamawa people his vision to change the state to a haven for all

He added: “The past Government seriously indebted us but that’s not an excuse for me not to work for my people; they voted for me because they have confidence in me.

I must compliment that by doing what they want me to do with good policies that will affect everyone in the state,” Bindow said.

According to him, as he inherits assets, he also inherits liabilities, meaning that he must not allow the weaknesses of past government to stop him from implementing the change mantra of their party.

Jibrilla also said that a window of Job opportunity will soon break out to the people of the state as Yola International Hotel is in 95% completion, a five star Hotel that will employ hundreds of Youths and the state magnificent stadium is also in 95% completion

Bindow took stock of his achievements and rated his few months in office high; he adjudged it to be in the right tract to bring faster infrastructural developments.

While given his score card on roads construction/rehabilitation with Billions of naira released only for infrastructure development, he also took time to remind the people of good plans he has to revisit Agricultural sector with good policies that will generate work for the people of the state especial the Youths.

Jibrilla, while responding to journalist, said his orientation as a business man gives him an edge to lure foreign investors to the state.

“My background as a business man is an advantage to me to bring international and foreign investors in the state, our state is endowed with many natural potential for any kind of investors to invest,” Bindow said.

He urge the people of the state to be patient and give him time as he is tirelessly working around the cloak to make Adamawa the most enviable state with the calibre of technocrats around him.

The Governor assures those people affected by insurgents of fast response to their needs, calling all concerned citizens of the state to live in peace and to always pray for his regime for it to succeed.

Tom Garba, Yola

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