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Next Election: Be a good Nigerian; don’t vote ~ by Bayo Oluwasanmi

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Historically, elections in Nigeria have always been chaotic. But this year’s elections were taken to a new level. The elections were land mines laced with crude improvised electoral devices (IEDs) such as violence, intimidation, assassination, and threats. From thugs to lunatic politicians, known and unknown pressures were applied that disrupted the electoral process at multiple points of vulnerability.

APC, PDP, and LP political party operatives promoted acts of effective voter suppression and election subversion. Voters were intimidated, threatened, and coerced. Their rights to vote for the candidates of their choice were interfered with. Nigerian democracy can be a burden. Ask any Nigerian. It is sad to say citizens in Africa’s most populous country have no voice or choice to decide their political fate. One thing all Nigerians can agree upon on the 2023 elections is: the elections were sewage-stained poor comedy shows.

As a Nigerian, why should you vote? Your vote doesn’t count. The politicians see you as inconsequential. You are treated like zombies. They know you don’t know what you want and want what you don’t know. They don’t give a damn about you. They treat you like brainless animals. They have taken you for the longest political ride in history – 62 years. Every four years, you’re being treated like slaves: tortured, beaten, battered, bruised, raped, starved, dehumanized, and killed. They are not going to the governor’s office, state and federal legislatures to represent or fight for your interest by passing laws that directly affect you by way of job creation, education, security, healthcare, drinking water, electricity, good roads, public transportation, public housing, etc.

The horde of decrepit buffoons in monkey suits, agbadas, and babarigas that you voted for will sit in a rectangle in the green chamber and red chamber talking bullshit in circles. Next election, does you a favor, be a good Nigerian, don’t vote!

To keep your sanity, be like the dead:

  1. Don’t vote.
  2. Don’t bother about democracy.
  3. Don’t worry about the shenanigans of your corrupt, greedy, shameless, wicked, and evil politicians.
  4. Like the dead, free yourselves from lunacy of your politicians that passes for our rational thought today.
  5. The dead could care less about the actions or inaction of your brainless politicians. Spare yourself the nightmare and don’t give a hoot about your oppressors.
  6. Like the dead, you’re on your own!  
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