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National Assembly Service Commission Splits Over Appointment of New Clerk



National Assembly Service Commission Splits Over Appointment of New Clerk


Some members of the National Assembly Service Commission have raised the alarm over plots by some individuals to influence the appointment of a new clerk for the commission.

Sources said that the commission members would be meeting on Monday for a meeting on the new appointment, where they would be reportedly bribed by some cabals to ensure the appointment of their choice clerk, believed to be an incompetent hand.


It was earnt that the current Clerk of the National Assembly, Oyetunde Ojo, is set to retire but there is plot to bribe members of the National Assembly Commission to appoint a non-legislative cadre as the New Clerk.

According to a top source in the National Assembly, plans are being hatched ahead of the commission’s meeting on Monday to persuade its members to appoint one Sanni Magaji Tambuwal, the current Secretary of the Finance and Accounts Department, as the new Clerk, following the wishes of a Governor from the North-West and the outgoing Clerk.

There are currently protests against this decision, as many commission workers opined that “Tambuwal is a core finance staff member whose role it is to oversee the management of funds, and he lacks the necessary skill set to competently run the office of the clerk to the National Assembly.”

One of the sources said, “The outgoing clerk, Ojo, is also not from the legislative cadre, and he has since his appointment as Clerk to the National Assembly, proven to be a wrong choice. Under him, the commission has gone backwards.

“Principally, the job of a Clerk to the National Assembly is that of a Chief Adviser to both the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives and also, to communicate to all State Houses of Assembly, matters relating to the concurrence of the parliament in the tiers of government in Nigeria. This thematic job description cannot be effectively achieved by a non-legislative cadre officer.”

Another source said, “Even the outgoing clerk failed to comply with the service rule, which mandates him to proceed on a three months pre-retirement leave, which is preparatory to his retirement from service. He was alleged to have written to the National Assembly Service Commission of his decision not to comply with the service rules, and be allowed to stay in office, without complying with the Service Rule.

“So they are doing everything possible to foist another incompetent hand on the omission. As they prepare for the meeting on November 14, we heard that each commissioner would be given up to N50million to confirm Tambuwal’s appointment.”

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