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More Nigerians knock Soludo over anti-Peter Obi tirades


More Nigerians have expressed serious consternation over the tirades against the former Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi, who is presently the Labour Party (LP) candidate in the 2023 presidential election, by the Anambra State Governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo.

Governor Soludo, a professor of economics, had, during an interview on Channels Television on Thursday, said that Peter Obi’s “saving template” is useless and that investments by Peter Obi are worthless.

He further made disparaging remarks about Peter Obi, and according to him, it is useless saving money when people are dying in the hospitals, adding that the investments Peter Obi made, who is considered the best Governor to emerge in modern Nigeria, are next to nothing.

Reacting, an observer stated: “I will quickly respond to these 2 weighty issues made by Soludo.

“Before PO came into office, no hospital in Anambra had ANY accreditation. Due to PO investments in health, 10 hospitals (govt and mission owned) were accredited for Nursing and Midwifery. Obi also built a brand-new Teaching Hospital that was equally accredited. Soludo did not see this and people are dying in the hospitals because PO is saving.

“I hope Soludo knows PO investment in Interfact Breweries is not the ONLY investment. Just for clarity purpose, Interfact Breweries today is now a Multinational Corporation, initially a subsidiary of SABMiller and now AB InBev, the largest brewery in the World. Anambra State Ministry of Finance has 4.7% stake of AB InBev in Nigeria, which Soludo was referring to as worthless.

“Yes, the stock value may have fallen, no thanks to Buhari genius, but according to the last financial release, the total assets of AB InBev is 372 billion Naira, which are worthless according to Soludo.

“AB InBev, a multinational company that remits millions in PAYE to State Government and Company Income Tax to Fed Government year-in year-out is worthless according to Soludo.

“A company that has added identity to the SE and paid millions to South easterners, such as Illbliss, Zoro, PSquare, Osuofia and co as well as contributed to the entertainment industry is worthless according to Soludo. A company that has employed thousands in direct labour and more indirectly is worthless according to Soludo.

“I hope Soludo also know that PO invested heavily in infrastructure in the Harbour Industry Estate/Layout in Onitsha, that is located in between the first and second Niger Bridges. That is what Soludo said is worthless.

“The Harbour Industry Estate now has over 30 functioning companies impacting positively in jobs creation and revenue to Anambra and Soludo said the infrastructural investments in this area are worthless.

“I hope Soludo knows PO made investments in the Orient Petroleum Industries, which has made Anambra to be an oil producing State.

“In June this year, Anambra received 268 million naira as first payment based on 13% derivation from the Federal Government and will continue to do so, except oil exploration stops, but our Prof of Economics says the investments in Orient Petroleum Industries are worthless.

“Apart from direct investments, PO also contributed to the attraction of several industries, which Anambra is benefitting from, for example Innoson Motors and Juhel. Let me stop here for now.

“Soludo appears to have issues with PO, be it jealousy or whatever. But, as a governor and if he has problems with the current state of Anambra, he should first bare his fangs on Obiano, his immediate past predecessor before Obi. He may as well continue to find faults up to Ngige and Mbadinuju.

Soludo’s quick was to attack PO but dodged to comment on the redesigning of the Naira by the CBN when asked in the same interview says a lot about him and his character.

“Before we forget, Soludo was among those that campaigned for Buhari, whose genius has affected Nigeria businesses and billionaires, including Anambra State investments.

“I will end this piece with a quote from Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: “There is definitely an issue of character with Prof. Soludo and his desperate search for power and relevance in Nigeria. Nigerians should, therefore, beware of so-called intellectuals without character and wisdom because this combination is fatal”.”

Human Rightsactivist, Comrade Paul Njoku noted:

“Soludo is simply jealous of Peter Obi and he is working for his boss Atiku.

“Peter Obi’s national acceptance has been given Soludo and some of disgruntled political elements of South East extraction sleepless nights.

“Peter Obi will win and they will all hide their faces in shame.”

He added: “This remark by Soludo is very uncomplimentary, unfriendly, rash, unnecessarily combative and negatively reflects on his person and character.

“This was the mentality he brought to CBN that destroyed so many poor people, one of the reasons that led to the conspiracy against his second tenure at the CBN and finally explains why Anambra people didn’t want him as governor for so many years after leaving CBN. Learn to be humble and respect others.”

A pundit made the following observation:

“Again, I reiterate that this is the “nshikòr mentality” that is presently destroying Igbo political leadership…

“They’re all like crabs (nshikòr) in an uncovered bucket desperate to climb out, but pitifully unable to…as they all only succeed in pulling themselves down.

“Soludo, a pseudo intellectual, yes… purely out of spite and pettiness… wrote and pontificated a lot on economic management under GEJ/NOI… but became scandalously mute and seemingly threw his pen away upon Buhari’s arrival with his scorched earth economic illiteracy in Nigeria.

“To perhaps grudgingly compensate Soludo for his dirty job and for keeping his arrogant mouth shut to the then burgeoning Economic nightmare under Buhari, he was compensated with membership of the Buhari Economic Advisory Council…

“Soludo, struggled to contain the embarrassment and shock to his huge Ego at having to serve under the chairmanship of another economist in the advisory council, couldn’t of course complain nor honourably resign the tokenist appointment… all in the now realised hope that Buhari would allow him become Governor of Anambra State.

“Well, we will not hold Soludo, an Economic Adviser to Buhari, responsible for Buhari’s superintendence over the monumental economic meltdown and failures of the current government… just as we will equally not blame him for Emefiele’s ongoing rascality at the CBN… which he, Soludo, strangely refrained from commenting on.

“But he was happy to gleefully ridicule his own brother and predecessor as governor… in a brazen display of dark and mischievous abnegation and eschewal of Obi’s achievements as Governor. That is an nshikòr at work!

“In the fullness of time, Soludo’s hubris, arrogance and inordinate ambition will expose and humble him, inevitably!”

A seasoned banker, Mr. Anayo Nwosu, Ikenga Ezenwegbu, contributed:

“Let’s not throw away the baby with the birth water. Prof. was misdirected by envy and jealousy. He thought he was smart but we decoded his mischievous shots.

“He did the same to Jonathan in 2015-2015 to help Atiku-Tinubu-Buhari’s APC to win. He would be shocked by the reactions of people of all political persuasions all over the world.

“He would be so shocked by the cold shoulders he will be receiving from even his commissioners and family members. He might be thinking that he won the governorship election by himself.

“He benefited from grace but he wants to disgrace Peter Obi. They’re not gracemates. Omelu alu. Having said this, he has a job of governing Anambra cut out for him. He has the capacity.

“We shall judge him by his own performance. I’m sure he will soon apologize and make amends. Everything is not politics. He killed a fly atop the scrotum of his kinsman. Let’s focus on making Anambra liveable.”

Another contributor:

“We still have old members of Obiano’s Exco in his cabinet. They were members of the Investment Agency. All records are within.

“Something is not adding up. It’s really disheartening that our dear State is in a mess.”

Yet another: “Soludo is enjoying proceeds from Peter Obi’s investment. Yet he had the temerity to lie fantastically.”

A social media influencer, Mr. Kelechi Deca waxed poetical and went the line of the gods to narrate the unfortunate ordeal that will befall Soludo.

Mr. Deca wrote on his Facebook account: “Our ancestors say that “when a deity starts misbehaving, we will release his DNA result, by pointing out the tree from which it was carved from”. The Igbo are a unique people in that they have capacity to undeify a deity.”

Going further, Deca added: “The uniqueness of the Igbo culture and tradition is that they are the only people with documented evidence of sacking their gods.

“They wake up one morning, sound the gong and inform the god that his services are no more needed.

“Whenever they feel unsatisfied with the behaviour of any god, they gather at the shrine and with one voice, they downgrade its god status to a mere carved image.

“They start by first commencing a period of starvation of sacrifices and prayers, not even a piece of Kolanut would be dropped at the mention of its name.

“Then they will let everybody know whether it was carved from Iroko, Obeche or Oak tree. That is the last step of making it ordinary by withdrawing the awe and reverence associated with it.

“Then it would be removed from the shrine, and if that god is lucky to escape burning, it would be given to children to play with.

“We will activate each of these steps soonest. That’s why Achebe said that the Igbo fears neither man nor god,” he concluded. Read more.


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