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Man who slept with his dog faces bestiality charges


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A man is being tried for bestiality after he tried to arrange a threesome with a woman and a dog.

Jeremy Mark Lovera, the 33-year-old son of a retired NYPD detective, allegedly shared perverted videos to private chat rooms.

He is facing 17 felony counts for allegedly distributing multiple sick bestiality videos.

The man from Florida, US, met with an undercover female detective and sought to arrange “group sexual intercourse” with the woman and his dog, according to court records.

Earlier this year, the police were keeping an eye on a public chat room on social media called TAMPAK9KNOT. During their monitoring, one officer received a message from an individual who went by the username “Lover Boy”.

In a later private message, the chat room user sent the undercover officer “six bestiality videos”.

An arrest affidavit alleges that the suspect subsequently added the woman to a private group chat on the same social media platform.

He then “proceeded to send multiple bestiality videos in a group chat with other members.”

According to investigators, Mark Lovera met last week with the undercover agent at a public park along with “his German Shorthaired Pointer dog named ‘Remi.’”

Lovera apparently wanted to head back to his home in St. Petersburg and participate in some group sex with the undercover cop and his canine, according to the police.

Instead, Lovera ended up getting arrested for 15 charges related to engaging in sexual activities with animals, along with two additional felonies. Each of the 15 charges corresponds to a separate video allegedly provided by Lovera.

Cops say that in some clips Lovera’s dog is seen engaged in vile acts with him and an unidentified woman.

Lovera was freed from jail on Wednesday evening after posting bond.

A judge barred him from having contact “with any animals or any ‘chat rooms.’


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