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Man stabs wife to death after she bit his finger during love making


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A Brazilian man turned himself in to the police after he said he murdered his wife because she bit his finger during a passionate love-making session.

Marcos Paulino told the São Paulo Civil Police that his wife, Tatiéle de Cássia, 38, bit one of his fingers on his left hand when they were having a passionate session.

He said he was upset so he waited until she fell asleep and attacked her with a kitchen knife at their home in the municipality of Caconde.

“After she changed (her clothes) and went back to bed and slept, he stabbed her in the neck and chest, killing her,” Civil Police chief João Delfino told Brazilian news outlet G1.

Paulino fled the home and was in hiding in the countryside region near Caconde before he returned Monday, April 15, and turned himself in to a local Military Police station.

Authorities went to the couple’s home and found de Cássia’s body “with holes in the chest and neck, caused by a knife,” said São Paulo Secretariat of Public Security said in a statement.

Paulino told investigators that he had “used cocaine” before killing de Cássia, Delfino said in an interview with EPTV.

The couple started dating in October 2023 and moved in together in January.

Paulino is facing a femicide charge and faces up to 12 to 30 years in prison if convicted.


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