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Like joke like joke, APC is taking over Enugu ~ by Mazi Omife Omife


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It was all joy and jubilation galore in the coal city after the last APC presidential rally, which was one of the most successful political rallies in Enugu State in the present political season.

Most streets and beer parlours went agog with both young and old discussing and celebrating what happened at the Okpara square.

From Obiagu road, the Enugu alias of Lagos Ajegunle to Agabni Road and Abakpa to Emene, many young men took to the popular ogene music dance for which Enugu is known ,far into the night and people could not sleep as they chanted new Flavour songs.

Iheji amara dike eluonu
Egwu echange go….ahaa
Ebube dike…………….ahaa
Ife erike kwe………….ahaa
Clear the road for who sabi
Clear the road for the game changer…

The public ecstasy was not only because of the huge APC rally at Okpara square but more importantly because it shows that the new leaders of the party are game changers and people who sabi the way well well.

Yes, the people were right. About a year ago, many people believed that APC is dead in Enugu State.

Many believed that no Jupiter can ever revive the party in Enugu State.

And just gboam!, immediately people wey sabi road mounted the saddle, everything changed, as was seen in what happened during the last outing of the APC which left nobody in doubt that APC has bounced back in full force in Enugu State.

When good leaders emerge in any organization, everything changes automatically.

All this while, PDP had monopolized the political space in Enugu State as the ruling party without the required performance in terms of social and economic indices of governance.

This is mostly why Enugu people were so excited that APC has bounced back in full force in Enugu State.

People have been angry that Enugu as the capital of Igbo nation has been in such a poor state of infrastructural development and even more angry that there has been no strong opposition or credible alternative party to the PDP since 1999.

What happened at the APC rally was a sign of the coming back of good leaders in the APC. It has been unfortunate that in spite of the fact that APC in Enugu State boasts of so many political stalwarts, past and present, including past and present Ministers and a past Senate president, the party has never been able to win even one position in any election since 1999, not even one councilor position.

This is a great shame to the former leaders who were referred to as dustbins and waste products by members of the public.

I thank God that for the new vibrant APC leaders in the persons of the State Chairman, Barrister Ugochukwu Agballa, State leader, Barrister Uche Nnaji and state executive officers who have shown determination to provide alternative leadership to the people of Enugu State as clearly shown in the last APC rally.

To see how base and incorrigible they still are, instead of commending the duo and encouraging them for saving their face in their successful effort to restore APC in Enugu State, these so-called elders have resorted to the same old blackmail and mudslinging by selling the dummy that their own party chairman was arrested on the day of the APC rally by whoever.

Arrested for what? if one may ask.

For successfully organizing a rally of over two million people?

For showing good leadership and party administration?

For providing a credible alternative to the PDP in the coming election?

For what if I may ask.

But then, the people of Enugu people are not fools and cannot be fooled again.

Mazi Omife I Omife (MON) Mbuze Mbaukwu; omifelord@gmail.com

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