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Leaked audio allegedly indicts Mr Ibu of sleeping with adopted daughter


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Reactions have continued to trail a trending leaked audio that revealed moment Mr Ibu confessed that he once dated and had sexual relationship with his adopted daughter Jasmine and by extension stop doing so after he caught her sleeping with his own son.

The leak is coming after money donated by kind Nigerians for the treatment of the comic actor stirred bitter face-off between his wife, Stella Maris, and their adopted daughter, Jasmine over who should be in charge of the funds for the ailing actor’s treatment.

Recall that a social media critic, VeryDarkMan, had alleged that Mr Ibu’s wife had been clamouring for her to be given a sum of money from donations made by Nigerians so she could get BBL done and purchase a new iPhone for herself.

Though, while reacting to VeryDarkman’s allegations, Mrs Stella denied all claims in a statement posted on her Instagram page, describing them as baseless, insensitive, and untrue.

But in the leaked audio tape that surfaced online, everyone appeared shocked to actually learn that Mr Ibu had been in a romantic relationship with a lady whom he claimed to be his daughter.

The audio revealed the voice supposedly belonging to Mr Ibu and that of another lady, discussing while driving in a car.

The language used in the discussion was Igbo and Mr Ibu could be heard confirming that he slept with his adopted daughter who later became famous online by posing herself as “Mr Ibu’s daughter”.

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