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Lagos State APC Shuts Up Bode George

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 Chief Bode GeorgeThe All Progressive Congress Lagos Chapter has asked Chief Bode George to keep quiet for now and continue to lick the wounds inflicted on him by the colossal defeat

his Party suffered at both the National and the State levels in the just concluded federal elections.

[Captured above: Chief Bode George]

In a Press Statement released in Lagos by the State Publicity Secretary Mr. Joe Igbokwe the Party said that Chief Bode George like the Lagos PDP Chairman, Tunji Shelle has just woken up from a chronic hallucination after suffering a choking and devastating defeat in the hands of APC.

“Bode George is yet to come to terms that it is all over for PDP in Nigeria and Lagos. He is yet to believe that Lagos APC has forcefully retired him from active politics for ever in Nigeria and Lagos State”

“Why is Bode George finding it difficult to believe that the game is over for him in Nigerian politics talk less of Lagos State? Who will tell Bode George that nobody takes him serious again in matters of Nigerian politics? Who will persuade Chief Bode George to quit politics now in his own interest?”

“What is giving Bode George the courage to believe that President Buhari will probe Asiwaju BAT and Fashola, who are the real drivers of change in Nigeria because a Bode George said so? How can a jail bird who plundered and looted NPA, and who just got pardoned the other day because of 2015 elections forget easily that he is part of the problem of Nigeria and not part of the solution? Did Bode George know that his case at NPA and the fraudulent amnesty granted by the former President may be revisited?”

“How can we forget that Chief George imposed Jimi Agbaje on Lagos PDP and caused a big crisis at Oregun Lagos where the Party conducted its primaries? How can we forget that Chief Bode George kept the funds meant for his party campaigns in Lagos knowing fully well that there is no road to where he is going? How can we forget that it was this same Bode George that initiated the political brigandage and ethnic politics we saw in Lagos that nearly caused xenophobic attacks?”

“How can an old man who armed thugs all over Lagos with an instruction to kill if necessary in order to steal Lagos be the one that will tell President Buhari what to do? Did Bode George know that President has full knowledge of his dubious activities in Lagos during the campaigns?

“Chief Bode George spoke about the cost of projects in Lagos, but the question is this: what does a hut builder know about Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge? What does this carpenter know about gold? What does this failed politician know about good governance and service delivery?”


Joe Igbokwe

Publicity Secretary

APC Lagos

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