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Lagos residents kill huge python in their estate


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Residents of Dolphin Estate in Lagos State have killed a huge python which had been killing pets in the estate unnoticed for a while now.

The news was broken on X by @Realolaudah who wrote, “Since last night, when a python was killed in Dolphin Estate, there are so many questions begging for answers, anxieties, uneasiness, and fear amongst some residents. A snake this big!

“We decided to dig further if we could get any narrative that makes sense as to why it happened.

“The property is occupied by a known young man. He is not around, but his driver is around, and he sleeps in the BQ.

“The next house to this particular house keeps pet dogs. The dogs are many, as they reproduce. The owners of the dogs have noticed over time, that, whenever the dogs gave birth, some of the puppies just got missing without any trace. Maybe out of 8 puppies, they would see 4 puppies.

“Behind those stretch of houses in the Estate is the SSS Quarters with large grounds, bushes, and canal.

“The driver was in the BQ with a weak ceiling where the snake came to and fell. It immediately curled up and raised its head at the centre in readiness to attack. The owner was notified that there was a snake in his house that no one could kill bcos it was ready to attack. The owner called a friend of his in Parkview Estate, who has a shotgun with a license. He came from Parkview, shot, and killed the snake.

“It was also reported that several cats that loitered in ceilings have been missing.


“The snake came from the SSS quarters arena to fetch for the cats and dog puppies to eat. It is not the first time, but last night became its last.

“Its destination is the next house where the puppies are kept.


“There are houses in the estate that have been unoccupied for so long, and the compounds are overgrown with shrubs and looking forest-like. They will harbour reptiles like this and also help them to breed.

“We MUST care about our environment.”





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