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Labour party / Big Tent lawyers & treasonous conspiracy of INEC-APC political party against Nigerian people

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There is a new political party in town. It was registered and proclaimed while 200m Nigerians were sleeping. It is called INEC-APC Political Party (INEC-APCPP). It is a bigger, more disastrous nation destroying political party than APCPDP. It is to this new political party that we of Nigeria Cannot Continue Like This (NCC-LIT pronounced NCC-LIGHT) and Peter Obi 37 Merger Movement (POMM) hold this conversation with our Labour Party nationwide, our Third Force Big Tent, Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council and all true patriots of Nigeria at home and Diaspora.

Agenda for Thought & Action

First, we extend our heartfelt thanks and commendations to all the volunteering lawyers and soldiers of truth in the LP, Obi-Datti & Big Tent legal teams for their sacrificial services to our nation.

Going forward, we need answers to the following dire questions. Pls note that there is still time to take stringent legal action to address them.

  1. Knowing INEC’s character of notorious perfidy, that the commission’s Chairman Mahmood Yakubu and his personnel matrix cannot be trusted vis-a-vis their records of integrity claims versus performance; that their loyalty is only to Tinubu’s APC and our nation’s treasury blank checks, why didn’t LP/Big Tent lawyers challenge INEC’s affidavit of judgment adjustment (variation) with a counter-affidavit of appropriate prayers from day one? The Appeal Court Ruling of March 8th vociferously said so.
  2. After all of INEC’s avalanche of lies, deception and dissemble, what makes the PO/LP legal teams believe that INEC will not interfere with BVAS database and evidences? Mahmood Yakubu and his commission’s electoral bandits are already audaciously doing so by denying PO’s legal and forensic team access to their strong room for inspection of election materials. This is to prevent the Labour Party from harvesting table-turning evidence which would lead to LP victory and a Supreme Court declaration of Peter Obi as the actual winner of the February 25 Presidential Election.
  3. Since Mahmood Yakubu and his commission’s Vikings have no prosecution immunity whatsoever, why haven’t LP/Big Tent lawyers sprinted to court even before now to sue manhood and his INEC ringleaders of the commission’s servers sabotage and treason with a blitz of career evaporating lawsuits for damages and compensations in billions of naira via both civil and criminal offences of grand larceny: stealing electoral victory by fraud, deceit and treason against millions of Nigerians?
  4. With copious, widely published claims that INEC has replaced Lagos and other states’ election operatives with Hausa, Fulani, Muslim and Yoruba Ratechs, ROs, RPOs and other essential staff with APC-bought agents, why haven’t LP/Big Tent lawyers, by recourse to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act not filed to obtain INEC’s current list of Ratechs and other electoral officials for the March 18th Governorship and HASS elections, to either dispel the widespread allegation or confirm them for further prosecution of INEC?
  5. Is it INEC’s and APC’s divine duty to be constant bones on the throats of Nigeria’s voters, to constitute themselves as perpetual obstacles and curse to free and fair elections in in our country while the rest of us freedom loving Nigerians must remain a pliant miracle of fools and generation of insentient audience for their comfort and friendship?

Madly and sadly thinking aloud.


⚖️ LP/PO lawyers, legacy minded civil rights lawyers at large, wake up and insightfully take comprehensive actions in all above respects.

Comrade Tony Akeni Le Moin, Global Coordinator:

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