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Labour Party asks Army to publish names, compensate families of victims of Kaduna Bombing

Distances self from coalition or merger arrangement; as Abure bags NBA award


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One week after the catastrophic mishap in Tudun Biri village of Kaduna state’s Igabi council area where some Muslims gathered to observe the birthday of Prophet Muhammad which led to an untimely death of nearly 150 Nigerians, the Labour Party is calling on the federal government to publish the names of the dead and ensure that the family of the victims are well compensated.

The party warned that bombing a target without precision and intel is anachronistic and cannot be deployed in modern warfare.

It also wanted the military, whether the Army or Air force to assure Nigerians that such a nihilistic tactical approach to combat that is capable of destroying unintended target, should be reviewed.

Labour Party observed that victims have been given a mass burial and that both the federal and state government have sent their condolences to the victims families.

It further noted that a sum of N10 million was given by the military for the support of the burial.

Labour Party National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Obiora Ifoh, however, urged the government must pay adequate compensation to these families.

Mr. Ifo said: “Though the government has directed a thorough and full-fledged investigation into the incident, we think that any meaningful investigation can only be when the military, being the institution under investigation, is recused from the arrangement.

“We are very proud of the Nigerian military.

“They have shown gallantry in the battle against insurgency, at least within the resources available to them, but we certainly frown at a situation where they turn their arms against their own citizenry,” he added.

In another development, the Party stated categorically that it is not and will not be a party to any coalition or merger arrangement with any other party.

After drawing attention to a newspaper publication suggesting that Labour Party is a part of, or has endorsed the new coalition of concerned political parties that was launched earlier this week, Labour Party leadership said:

“The news had it that a group of seven opposition political parties formed a new coalition tagged the Coalition of Concerned Political Parties.

“As noticed, Labour Party was not represented at the meeting and therefore couldn’t have been part of the coalition as suggested by the publication.

“The publication we can confirm quoted one of our officials out of context by giving a false impression that Labour Party endorsed the coalition.

“We have continued to posit that the Labour Party is still undergoing a post-mortem of the 2023 general election and until after the exercise, we will not be in a hurry to join the fray of any political arrangement.

“However, we will continue to participate in select meetings of like minds where issues arising from the last general elections are discussed with intentions to propose plausible solutions to developments that are threats to our democracy.

“Labour Party is interested in leading discussions on electoral reforms in Nigeria.

“We will like to find a lasting solution where a president of Nigeria with a population of over 200 million emerge with less that 9 million votes, and with less than 10 percent of registered voters.

“Labour Party is also interested in finding a lasting solution to a situation where the courts have usurped powers of the electorate.

“It is frustrating that after all the stress involved in elections on the sides of both the candidates and the electorate, and after securing electoral victories at the polls, 3 or 5 individuals gleefully upturn the verdict of the people on the alter of some unfounded technicalities.

“That is not what democracy preaches.

“On that note, our party will support a meeting or conferences of opposition political parties in Nigeria which will brainstorm together for the purpose of championing a brand of democracy which will yield power to the people and not to some anti-democratic elements.”

In the meantime, Labour Party National Chairman, Comrade Barrister Julius Abure, has bagged the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) award for his contributions to bettering the nation and state.

Reacting, Comrade Abure dedicated the Benin Lion Bar chapter award to the youths and millions of Nigerians who are desirous of a believable and enviable Nigeria.

In his remark at the award ceremony in his honour among other awardees in Benin City, Abure said:

“I want to say clearly that this award is one of the most cherished; most appreciated and would remained indelible in my heart.

“It is generally believed that the numerous challenges of our country emanated from poor leadership and I’m sure that was what prompted the Obidient Movement for a new struggle and a new Nigeria.

“I therefore dedicate this award to millions of Nigerians who are desirous of a leadership that is purposeful, a leadership that will be dedicated to the economic growth and development of Nigeria, a leadership that will have the courage to fight poverty, fight hunger, fight unemployment, a leadership that will be passionate about the welfare and wellbeing of the people.

“I also want to dedicate this award to the Judiciary, a judiciary that will be courageous and can speak truth to power, a judiciary that will give vent to the yearnings and aspirations of the people, a judiciary that will stand firm and truly reflect the last hope of the common man, a judiciary that will damn the consequences and deliver judgment in the interests of the downtrodden and the violently abused.

“Finally, I want to dedicate this award to members of my immediate family who supported me through thick and thin in our quest to reposition the country”, Comrade Abure said.

Abure berated President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for adopting outdated ancient style of governance and for approving a delegation of 1411 persons for Climate Change conference in United Arab Emirates where N880 million was squandered in the process in a poverty ridden country as Nigeria.

“It is obvious that the government of President Tinubu and the APC are not willing to depart from the circumstances that have plugged the nation into economic quagmire in the past.

“How can a country that is borrowing money to pay workers’ wages, a country plagued by insecurity, battered by power collapse where investors are exiting the country by the day fritter away such humongous amount of resources on a jamboree?

“A sober government should have known that borrowing money to attend conferences while rich nations attended the same event with less than twenty persons bothered on insensitivity and brazen impunity.

“Nigerians have made their point and they are aware that the nation’s salvation lies with the Labour Party as we approach subsequent elections,” he said.

His Lordship, Hon. Justice Daniel Iyobosa Okungbowa, Chief Judge of Edo State, who personally presented the award “In Recognitions Of Your Immense Contribution To The Advancement Of Humanity” to Comrade Abure, said the Labour Party National Chairman’s contribution to Nigeria democracy should be emulated by all.

“We’re proud that one of us, Barrister Julius Abure is at forefront of repositioning the ship of the nation.

“The legal profession is blessed by having him amongst us and with this well-deserved award, we have no doubts you will be encouraged to do more for the country”, Justice Okungbowa said.

Chairman, Dinner Committee, Barrister Timothy Obamedo-Woghiren lauded Comrade Abure’s virtue as a humble, committed clean and clearheaded gentleman who have always wanted the best for the country from University days as class mate.

Obamedo-Woghiren, who regularly hosts his professional colleagues, said that with the likes of Comrade Abure, there is hope for a new Nigeria.

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