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Jailing looters without recovery funds is foolishness – Dogara



Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara disclosed that it will be foolishness for the country to jail the looters without recovering chunk of the looted


Dogara on his twitter handle added ‎that there should be no scared cow in the ongoing war against corruption in Nigeria.

He described corruption as a cancer‎ leaving any of its cells alive will be fatal therefore it is important to confront corruption in all its ramifications.

‎On his twitter handle, Dogara said,”We must confront corruption in all its ramifications cos it’s like cancer leaving any of its cells alive ll be fatal.‎ In this total war on corruption, what we say is meaningless. It boils down to what we ll do. Read our Legislative Agenda 

‎ “How can we reign in the support of Western Govts not to prosecute those Institutions in the event that they blow the whistle?

“The amount of looted funds stashed abroad is such that it ll foolish to just jail the looters without recovering a chunk of it.

‎”We must be very smart but the total war must go on regardless of who is for or against the it nd there should be no sacred cow 

“We need to set the goal or purpose of the war against corruption in order to fashion out an appropriate response 

“‎ For example: do we want our money back or do we simply want to jail the looters? These are complex issues with no easy answers “.

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