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Israel-Hamas war: Ceasefire to be announced in coming hours, sources reveal


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A Hamas official said Tuesday that a ceasefire agreement with Israel would be announced in the coming hours in Qatar.

The official, who requested to remain anonymous, spoke with Xinhua.

“We are close to reaching an agreement in the coming hours, and the movement has delivered its response to the mediators’’, it said.

Another Hamas source said, “the agreement will be announced in Qatar, and it may be soon, and its success is linked to the commitment of the Israeli side.”

The ceasefire deal, said the sources, would last for five days and would include the release of 50 civilians and foreign nationals held by Hamas in exchange for the release of 300 Palestinian detainees.

This would include children and women held by Israel.

The deal will also include the entry of 300 trucks of food, medical and fuel aid into the Gaza Strip.

The sources indicated that the release of prisoners would take place in stages, at a rate of 10 Israeli prisoners per day compared with that of 30 Palestinian prisoners.



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