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Is Fani Kayode not truly a political jobber and a new Fulani convert? — By David Adenekan


To start with, what really defines the credibility of a man, is not the words of his mouth but the demonstration of the intent of his mind in real life.

Is Fani Kayode not truly A Political Jobber And A New Fulani Convert?

Prejudice apart and, without mincing words, a closer look at his political life in the current republic, indicates a clear picture of a political jobber and an unstable mind.

Also, I want to wish him best of luck in his new political adventure as a new “Fulani Convert”. “A o mu erin joba, eweku ewele, erin ma fe joba, eweku ewele”. This is interpreted as; “the elephant is been celebrated to be the King of the jungle but, unknown to the elephant, there is a ditch covered with leaves that he is about to fall into.

Again, best of luck FFK!

Suffice it to say that, Femi Fani-Kayode has been out of favor with the mainstream of Nigeria politics for more than a decade and, the last time he held a substantive position was under OBJ. Will he not be as broke as a church rat by now? Also, as a lawyer when was the last time he “HELD A BRIEF” for someone, to make a living?

Moreover, he ran back to PDP after he was chased out by the dangerous cabal in APC ahead of 2015 general elections but he was shortlived with the defeat of the ruling party, PDP at the federal level.

Yes, 14 years of no stable job can be very depressing and could lead to insanity or an unstable mind.

FFK is very broke and he needs to go back to the ruling party for some kind of plum job to save himself from acute hunger.

Will it be ironic to say that Fani Kayode will stoop low to eat any crumbs meant for a dog at the master’s table because, his political life is on a life-support machine, gasping for breath?

In addition, his decision to eat his vomit by joining APC will make you believe that he is only ranting on social media.

An unstable mind indeed!

Without a doubt, his decision to swallow his words, “I rather die than to go back to APC” is another arrant nonsense, and many like me have decided not to take the likes of FFK, serious.

In summary, all his ranting and rabble-rousing on social media makes no sense to great minds.

Only time will tell!

David Adenekan writes from Chicago, Illinois.

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