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Ireland to Israeli Ambassador: you are talking nonsense over Palestine recognition


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The Israeli ambassador to Ireland, Dana Erlich, was asked about Ireland beginning discussions on recognising the state of Palestine on Newstalk radio on Friday morning, to which she replied: “We ask – why reward terrorism?”

But Ireland’s deputy premier  described the suggestion that Ireland’s plan to recognise the Palestinian state would be akin to “rewarding terrorism” “absurd”.

The Republic of Ireland, along with Spain, Malta, and Slovenia, has indicated a readiness to recognize the state of Palestine.

This development is seen as a beacon of hope for Palestinians and is part of a broader effort to support a two-state solution in the region.

The Irish Taoiseach, along with the leaders of the aforementioned nations, has expressed that such recognition would occur when it can positively contribute to peace and stability.

This stance aligns with the Irish government’s long-standing support for a two-state solution, emphasizing the coexistence of Israeli and Palestinian states in peace and security.

The European Council has also echoed the need for an immediate humanitarian pause in Gaza, leading to a sustained ceasefire and the delivery of humanitarian aid.

These steps represent a significant diplomatic effort to foster peace and address the complex challenges in the Middle East.

But Israeli ambassador to Ireland, Dana Erlich said recognising the state of Palestine is akin to rewarding terrorism.

Responding, Tanaiste and foreign affairs minister Micheal Martin said it was an “absurd and unacceptable assertion to make”.

“There are many, many countries around the world over the years that have recognised the Palestinian state,” he said, speaking at a party event on Friday

“There was a time that Israel committed to its two-state solution, I think under (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu what we have witnessed from Israel is deliberate attempts to undermine the prospects of a two-state solution.

“The failure to rein in settlers and settlements is evidence of that.

“It is just wrong to make that assertion, I also want to make the assertion to the ambassador as well, I think the ambassador was very incorrect in saying that the Irish Government had not condemned Hamas as an organisation, we have, we have consistently condemned Hamas, the objectives of Hamas.”



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