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Investigation Uncovers Shell Oil Job Scammer, Jumbo Williams

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scamFriends, please beware of “December Foolish fraudster”! The pennywise pound foolish individuals have fully mobilised for the job. They want to buy latest cars, sleep

with prettiest girls, build best houses…

Confusion gadumakwa! Akwai massala! Wahala otigboju! There is a very big problem to the materialistic!!!

However, they still play the game same way or according to the rule handed over to them by their kings of jobless YAHOO Messengers/Cyber Crime/Internet Thefts. In order words, you can easily discover them because they are not ready to change the thieving methodology. This makes me to laugh at them with disdain because if I should invest a minute into that man-inhumanity-to man, I will make millions everyday due to new “robbery innovations, business ideas and technological advancements in my brain, crying and pleading me to implement them.  

As December 2015 draws nearer, the general public should take note of job scams, impersonators and miscreants, who capitalize on youth demoralization and materialism to defraud innocent citizens.

Anywhere prior to my recent encounter with them, I have received millions of unsolicited text messages and emails in my five “email” accounts, four “Gmail” accounts and six phone numbers. Some I replied with threatening messages and they backed-off instantly, some I never cared to reply. So, I replied and played along with this particular one just to get investigative story for my blog www.news48hrs.com

Below is our conversation:

On Wednesday September 17, 2015 at 8Am (morning—Nigerian time) this phone number— +2347051534692 send me this text:

“Christopher, good morning, I have been trying to call you but the network is bad. Am Chukwuemeka Shadrack, ur School mate@ the Federal Polytechnic, (BIDA)in Niger State, can u work in NIG Shell Oil company in Rivers State, P/H, if yes call me for more infor. May God bless you?”

I laughed and ignored the message having known it was a scam since I knew not such a name throughout my two years studies at Federal Polytechnic Bida. Besides, Shell Oil is Oil Company; its recruitment ought to be strictly for the holders of ENGINEERING, and for few privileged non-Engineering graduands like Accountancy, Library, Information Tech or Mass comm.

Again, I never heard that Shell Oil is recruiting new staff let alone holders of Mass Communication like me. 

However, to play along with the fool, same day at 7.30 PM (night—Nigeria time), I called him. While exchanging pleasantry and questions, I discovered that he neither knew me nor the course I studied yet he claimed to be a friend/schoolmate! What a bamboozling stupidity!!!  He further directed me to call this line (+2348160242669) as it belonged to one Collins.

Twenty minutes later, at exactly 8.10 PM (night) I called the line (Collins) twice but the owner didn’t pick. I laughed and continued with my news-writing job. Ten minutes later, the foolish number called me back. After introducing myself to the “male voice” or Collins, he told me to call him tomorrow at 7.30 AM when he is expected to be in his office.

I deleted both lines immediately! But surprisingly, in the morning, while I was busy with my daily routine, the same 08160242669 called me at 9.Am and directed me to call him back. When I called thinking it was one of my boys, the fraudster told me that he is a member of Shell Oil management team at Port Harcourt and they are doing internal recruitment, and the form costs N25, 000 only! 

I laughed and ostensibly asked him how I can get the form. He told me to either come to their office at Port or send my email and fool name so that he can forward me the detail. I did sent that to him (just to get his full information I will use on my blog—www.news48hrs.com and other social media accounts to educate people to be fully aware of the December fraudsters).  

Two minutes later, he called me and asked if I have received his email. I said yes (although I was with no internet access as at then). He then asked me how many minutes it will take me to visit either UBA or ACESS Bank. I said 30 minutes (even though I leave closer to both banks). He then told me to visit any of the banks and flash/call him so that he would forward me the company account number. I laughed and continued with my domestic works. 30 minutes later, I called the fool again; told him that I was at UBA and requested for his bank account detail. He quickly hanged the call and texted me thus:

Name: Jumbo Williams

Acct. No. 2069163294

Bank: UBA Bank.

I laughed and picked my laptop to type this beautiful news!!! Unfortunately, I was not able to finish up with the news as the Association of People Living With Sickle Cell Disorder (APLSD) dialed me to come for their press briefing held at Timeout Beer-parlour, Arroma Junction-Awka.  However, before I could get to Arroma, the fool called me back to inquire if I had received the text. I retorted; “YES I got the text that was why I did not pick your call two minutes ago. In fact I have paid 50,000 naira into the account number for two forms—I and my friend. Haven’t you received the alert? If not visit your bank or expect the alert before dawn”. He quickly ended the call.

Okechukwu Onuegbu

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