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Investigation uncovers how Anambra Commissioner of Women Affairs extort millions from motherless babies homes

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[Photo: Commissioner for women affairs, Hon. Dr. Mrs. Victoria Chikelu on Children's Day]The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) may soon clampdown on the Anambra

State Commissioner of Women Affairs and Social Development,  Hon. Victoria Chikelu as investigation has uncovered her alleged illegal extortion of workers of motherless babies home and the indigent senior citizens of the state.

[Photo: Commissioner for women affairs, Hon. Dr. Mrs. Victoria Chikelu on Children’s Day]

News48hrs.com close sources alleged that some amounts meant to pay the allowances of the indigent citizens of the state, the scheme initiated and executed by the Former Governor Peter Obi, and inherited by Governor Willie Obiano worth N1.2Million had been diverted to the personal pocket of Commissioner Chikelu.

According to the trusted sources, the Commissioner of Women Affairs had since inception of her political portfolio, allegedly directed all the state government owned orphanage homes under her watch to be remitting N128, 000 monthly through their respective Coordinators, even as the N25, 000 been paid to casual workers as monthly salaries were equally allegedly reduced to N15, 000 while the remaining N10, 000 are allegedly pocketed by the Commissioner and her cohorts.

News48hrs.com sources added that the affected Motherless Babies Homes were charged to remit such monies or loss, thereby prompting their management to withhold their 3 months salaries till date sequel to inability of the reductions to meet the targeted N128, 000 monthly remittances which were allegedly not reflected in the ministry’s accounts.

Some of the sources even asked our team of reporters the rationale behind the purported directive to workers to generate stipulated amount or loss pay and withholding of the senior indigent senior citizens remunerations:

“Did she want the programme to end or to continue? Why haven’t she inform Obiano to lovely close the programme rather than enriching herself via tax-payers money meant to pay the senior indigent-old people who even senior her grandfather? What would become of her, how would she feel when this kind of thing happen to any of her parents, children or relatives?” They queried rhetorically.

However, when our reporters contacted the embattled Honourable Commissioner’s on phone, she quickly ended the call as soon as they briefed her of the subject matter.

Not discouraged, the team of our reporters visited the woman’s office to hear her own side of the story, but we were denied access to her after filing the purpose of the visit on the form been given to them to fill. 

This is even as one of the workers walked to our reporters were they were earlier directed to seat and wait, and told them that the Commissioner while declining to speak on the matter, directed them to discuss with her SA first. Speaking with the Commissioner’s SA, our reporters were told that the indigent senior citizens allowances was not under her office but that of SSG, and as a result, the woman had no formal knowledge of what else our reporters asked.

Meanwhile, inside sources have insisted that Chikelu is threatening to terminate their appointments of the workers and coordinators of the aggrieved motherless babies home should they speak to the press of the ongoing corruption and man-inhumanity to man.

Okechukwu Onuegbu

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