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Imo State: When an evil man is in authority

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I read from the Daily Sun Newspaper edition of March 10th 2015 page 6, a statement credited to Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State. The statement read

thus, “The worst thing that can happen to a family is to have a bad father and the worst thing that can happen to a country is bad leadership” unquote. 

Honestly, I was dazed by that statement coming from the mouth of Okorocha. Dazed in the sense that it was a self-indictment on one hand and an open confession on the other hand. Of course, a bad father is a curse to his family. A father who uses his children for ritual purposes is a bad father. A father who is a drug addict is a bad father. A father who kidnaps his children is a bad father.  A father who sends hired killers or his killer squad to kill his children is a very bad father. There are so many things associated with a bad father and that is what I am going to discuss in this article. The family is the fulcrum of the society (state and country). A state is a larger family. The head of every family is the father just as the head of every state is the governor. Conversely, the governor is the bigger father, just as the president of a country is a much bigger father.

We should not forget the title of this piece is “when an evil man is in authority”. I have used the first-two paragraphs above, to open the minds of the reading public so that they would know where I am coming from, to be able to determine where I am going to. Let us go to the book of 1 Kings Chapter 21 verse 1 to 20. The narrative in the scriptures is a well-known story – NABOTH’S VINEYARD. King Ahab wanted Mazi Naboth to give him his vineyard for his personal use in exchange for another or even money but Mazi Naboth refused, arguing that the said vineyard was his inheritance from his fore-fathers. King Ahab was displeased and went into his palace sorrowful, and even refused to eat his food. But his wife Queen Jezebel “gingered” him by saying “Dost thou now govern the kingdom of Israel? Arise and eat bread and let thine heart be merry; I will give thee the vineyard of Mazi Naboth, the Jezereelite”. To cut the long story short, Queen Jezebel conspired with two men to set Mazi Naboth up so that he would be killed. When the poor Naboth was eventually stoned to death, Jezebel approached her husband, King Ahab, saying “Arise, take possession of the vineyard of Mazi Naboth  which he refused to give thee in exchange for another land or for money: for Naboth is not alive but dead”. And King Ahab took the possession of the vineyard. But Almighty God was angry and he declared to Prophet Elijah, “Go and tell King Ahab that “Has thou killed and taken possession” and that as he has killed Naboth and taken possession of his vineyard, so shall he be killed. The exact spot where dogs licked the blood of Naboth, shall dogs lick his own blood. The bible recorded that when King Ahab saw Prophet Elijah, he exclaimed, “O mine enemy, hast thou found me’’? And the Prophet answered, “I have found thee because thou hast sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the Lord’’. The narrative is necessary so that we will know the minds and operations of evil men who are in authority. Evil men and women have the same mode of operations. They kill, steal and destroy but it is the duty of the children of God to expose and destroy the works and operations of the devil and his agents (I John chapter 3 verses 8). 

Now, let us drive down to Imo state to see what and how Governor Rochas Okorocha and his wife (Nkechi) took possession of lands belonging to the people and communities. It is said that if you put on a basket to talk to a king for him to take correction and he refuses to do so, you have to remove the basket and talk to him directly and show his faults to the public. The whole duty of the children of God is to identify counterfeit leadership and expose same to the world. The book of Matthew chapter 7 verses 15 tells us about counterfeit leaders who come pretending to be sent by God, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. They take possession of the people’s properties under wicked satanic guises and manipulations. They use intimidations and threats to subdue the people. These are machination of the devil and his agents. But Almighty God has declared in 1 Kings Chapter 21 verse 19 to these evil kings, “Have you threatened, intimidated and killed just to take possession of what is not yours? In the place where you killed those people, shall thou also be killed”? God is not a liar and his words can never come back to him void. King Ahab was killed at that same spot where Mazi Naboth was killed. Dogs also licked his blood at that same spot. Again in the book of 2 Corinthians chapter 11 verse 13 to 17, counterfeit leaders were exposed. They come as angels of light but inwardly they are Satan the devil.

Below is a case of using Executive power to acquire land which Governor Okorocha previously lost in the High courts.

Plot P/13 Onitsha Road Owerri – Imo State. It contains an area of 1.491 hectares covered by certificate of occupancy dated 5th day of November 2006 and duly registered as No 17 at Page 17 in Volume 352 of lands Registry office at Owerri in survey plan No. OWR (m) 89 (Tracing No. IM195). This property belongs to Engr. U.B. Ekekwe of Benek Engineering Company Ltd. It originally belonged to the Nigerian Red Cross Society, but Engr. U.B. Ekekwe paid the Red Cross Society, the value of receipt – Nigerian Red Cross Society official receipt No. 02002 of 11/11/2006 being payment for the purchase of the Red Cross Society’s land – Plot 13 and another official receipt No. 0916 of 26/10/2006 for N2.1 Million being payment of land certificate of occupancy processing. All required Powers of Attorney’s, that is, NRCS National Board of Trustees to Imo State Board were secured and stamp dutied.

However, when Governor Okorocha became the National President of Nigerian Red Cross Society in 2009 (3 years later), he personally indicated interest in the said land like King Ahab, and instructed the owner, Engr. U.B. Ekekwe to hand over the Original Certificate of Occupancy to him as a person. Okorocha made several efforts to snatch the C of O from the owner but failed, hence he resorted to threats and intimidation. This made Engr. U.B. Ekekwe to approach the courts for protection of his life and the said property. The judgment of the High Court of Imo state with suit No. HOW/63/2010 before Justice A.O.H. Ukachukwu declared on the 24th of June 2010 was in favour of Engr. U.B. Ekekwe. Consequently, Engr. U.B. Ekekwe started the construction of a project which he called YOUTH CONFERENCE CENTRE on the land, where he has spent hundreds of millions of naira. But immediately Okorocha emerged governor in May 2011, he went into the said land to erect on the on-going project what he called OSHEDIKE NICHOLAS OKOROCHA MEMORIAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE, obviously in memory of his late father (Chief Nicholas Okorocha). The governor is using an unregistered company known as ISRAELI MEDICAL TOURE (NIG) LTD to execute the erection. The people of Imo state are now worried and are openly wondering how Governor Rochas Okorocha intends to use a property which does not belong to him to immortalize his late father who people have confirmed lived a good life. It is like a case of one giving a stolen car as gift to his father. TOO BAD! Conversely, the idea of using the enormous powers of his office as governor to deliberately disobey court orders and judgment, to jump into a landed property of Imo citizens is indicative of the character of Governor Rochas Okorocha being lawless. These conducts are violation of legal and due process upon which a society is built on, being a breach of both the Land Use Act and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This finally brings to the question; can such a character be worthy of occupying public office?

As Governor of Imo State, Okorocha embarked on what he called demolition of properties along Greenbelt region of the West-End Area of the State Capital. The properties demolished included churches, school buildings, bungalows, one storey buildings, two storey and three storey buildings cumulatively valued at over N20 Billion Naira. But his own wife, Madam Nkechi Okorocha is allegedly erecting an estate valued at over N3 billion along the Greenbelt region. And I ask; who is deceiving who? This is counterfeit leadership as exposed in the book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 15. Am I to talk about the present SPIBAT estate? Okorocha bought the original SPIBAT (about 15 plots of land containing just one bungalow) from an Mbaise man, about 13 years ago. The place remained like that until he became governor in 2011. Today the present SPIBAT ESTATE has over thirty five duplexes standing on over 1000 plots of land that stretched to two local government areas. The question is; How did Okorocha acquire the over 1000 plots of land in the present SPIBAT. Stories have been told how land owners around the area were tricked into submitting their original certificates of occupancy at the ministry of lands, survey and urban planning for proper documentation. As soon as land owners complied with the directives, the governor reportedly moved in the bulldozers. His son in-law (Uche Nwosu) was the commissioner, so it was easy to do the necessary changes.  What of the community lands at IHIAGWA in Owerri-West LGA? What of the community lands in NGOR-OKPALA LGA? What of the community lands at NWORIEUBI in MBAITOLU LGA? What of community lands at OGBOKO in IDEATO SOUTH LGA? What of community lands in IDEATO NORTH LGA? Obviously, this is not what the people of Imo State bargained for. This is not what the people of Imo State voted for; they did not vote for Okorocha in order for them to be exploited. They did not vote for Okorocha in order for to be cheated. Imo citizens did not ask for all these. The book of Matthew Chapter 7 verse 9 – 10 says, “What man is there of you, whom if his son ask for bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a snake? 

It is very clear to all Imo Citizens that Governor Okorocha is that man talked about in the bible that refused to give his son bread but rather gave him stone. He refused to give him fish but rather gave him snake. The standard of education has completely fallen in the state. His so-called free education policy is a complete fraud. How can he offer free education to Imo youths while owing their parents arrears of salaries? This is fraud. His private company LAMORDE PRINTING PRESS is now the official printing press for the Imo State Government. He intentionally destroyed the Government House Printing Press, so that his company will serve that purpose. His private hotel and guest houses are now the “replacement” for Imo Concorde Hotel. LAMORDE Hotels is now where government guests are lodged in. He built a new (renovated) estate along Naze-Owerri. Rochas Okorochas has completely taken Imo State as his personal estate. He has acquired properties all over the world with our resources. People are afraid to talk. Anybody who talks is killed, kidnapped or will be accused of murder. He has the State police and SSS to do hatchet jobs for him.   At least, it happened to me and my wife. His sisters are the sole suppliers of ordinary snacks at Government functions at exorbitant costs. His nephews are the ones excavating sands at NWORIE River. 

The Local Government system is dead and buried. He operates with confused T.C Chairmen. State and Local Government allocations have been looted by him and his cronies. Yet in all these atrocities, Okorocha owes civil servants and pensioners. Civil servants are owed at least four months of their salaries while pensioners are owed at least fifteen months of their pensions. 

What manner of man is he that when his people asked for food, he gave them stone? What manner of man is he that when his people ask questions on what and how he is doing things in Imo State, he sends killers and kidnappers after them? Sir Emenike Ihekwaba asked questions on road contracts and he was kidnapped since 26th of August 2012. I (Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha) exposed fraud and corruption; Okorocha and Former Speaker Uwajumogu sent five killers to kill me on the 3rd of June, 2014. Comrade Kenneth Uwadi exposed the looting of State and Local Government allocations, Okorocha sent killers to his village in NMAHU in EGBEMA/OHAJI LGA to kill him but God frustrated the plot. Professor Nathan Protus Uzoma spoke out and his private residence at World Bank Estate was attacked by killers on two occasions. Dr. Philip Njemanze exposed the abortion law which Okorocha signed and his life was threatened. Part of his hospital fence along MCC Road, Owerri was demolished. His land located at NAZE was confiscated. Rochas Okorocha is governing Imo State at gunpoint. He has unleashed terror on us. Cult war is now a strategy to get at people he wants dead. Many people have been killed and the police are just there watching like ZOMBIES AND VEGETABLES. Few days ago, I cried out in my article, ROCHAS OKOROCHA: IS IT RIGHT? Quickly he visited the Police Command and the SSS office and they pretended as if they have stopped the cult war. It is all showmanship. Blood is flowing in Owerri on daily basis. 

Almighty God is watching Okorocha. The impossibility specialist has ordered me to ask Rochas Okorocha; “Has thou threatened, intimidated killed and taken possession”?  The bloods of Imo Citizens have spilled enough. There is no peace for the wicked. A fool says in his heart; there is no God. 

What manner of man is Governor Rochas Okorocha? 

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha 

Former Senior Special Assistant on Media.  

Immediate Past Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties.

Imo State House of Assembly


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