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Ike & Beatrice Ekweremadu’s case incubates DR. Obinna Obeta as master planner ~ by Harry Fanon

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I was in court 5 again, yesterday, Wednesday 15th March as the Prosecution was closing and summarizing the alleged offenses.

Today, Thursday, all the Defense King’s Counsels (KCs) will summarize their submissions.

Then tomorrow, Friday 17th March, the Judge will address and direct the jury on the point of law and give the second, final direction. He will dismiss/retire the jury to go and decide by way of a vote on the verdict, which might take them, perhaps to Monday, or Tuesday next week. The fate of the Ekweremadus is in the hands of 12 members of the jury.

This case draws to an end on Friday 17th March 2023 before the Nigerian rescheduled Governorship and assemblies’ elections.

Ikoha, his wife, daughter, and the Principal Agent, Dr. Obinna Obeta will know their fate or sentence by the end of next week.

It has been six weeks of accelerated hearing in court Room 5 London Central Criminal Court, The Old Bailey.

Beatrice Ekweremadu, wife of Senator Ike Ekweremadu was in the dock this week, from Monday 13th March 2023, and cross-examined under oath.

As a mother of four, she named her children and listed her children’s names, in the order of their seniority, when asked.

“I am an Assistant Director of Finance in the Office of the Accountant General of Nigeria, with a Ph.D. in Accountancy from Ebonyi State University,” Mrs. Ekweremadu declared.

Beatrice said: “I have taken time off work, on leave from my civil service employers to be with my daughter, who is ill and requires a kidney transplant, here in the UK.”

She accepted that she lied, that David is not their cousin, and apologized while sobbing, and openly crying in court.

“As a housewife, in a traditional African and Igbo marriage, I was following instructions and guidance from Dr. Diwe, my husband’s brother, who procured Dr. Obinna Obeta, the main UK agent and facilitator.”

Beatrice Ekweremadu accepted that she never met David and their first meeting was in London and the second meeting was in a Nigerian restaurant, along Old Kent Road South East London where she arranged to meet and thank David, and for Sonia to bond with David, before their scheduled, Royal Free Hospital appointment.

“At the said meeting, the Nigerian restaurant was me, Dr. Obinna Obeta, who brought David and Sonia, my daughter. Dr. Obinna Obeta introduced David the donor at this meeting.”

The Prosecution, KC Davis summarized, yesterday, March 14th, 2023. It was based on the overwhelming evidence gathered from Ike Ekweremadus’s family WhatsApp chat forum, three studies, and medical publications on the organ, mainly kidney donation transplant, and trafficking in Nigeria. This demonstrated the elaborate plan and process used for the alleged conspiracy to arrange and the exploitation of David.

The Defense opted not to put Sonia in the dock.

This case will continue today, Thursday 16th March. The setting is for half a day today.

The UK’s judicial methodic exploration in this kidney transplant case present at hand is awesome. The jury is the last hope for Ike, Beatrice, Sonia, and of course Dr. Obeta. Mia culpa Mia maxima culpa.

Harry Fanon is a philosopher and a jurisprudence attorney writing from his Ahiazu Cave.

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