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Igwe of Agulu Set to Be Dethroned and Replaced with Ben Obi


[Image: Chief Ben Obi [Mbuze Agulu]The war against Agulu as a town takes a new turn as the SA for Chieftaincy Affairs Barr Ikechukwu Onyeabo acting on a script, invites the Igwe of Agulu and

the PG on a purported PETITION written against them.

[Image: Chief Ben Obi [Mbuze Agulu]

 However, all the requests by the Igwe and the PG to get a copy of the said petition fell on deaf ears.

Our source says that “they simply want to remove the Igwe and make Chief Ben Obi, Mbuze Agulu, the new Igwe of Agulu.

Ndi Agulu should call the Igwe and PG and confirm before they become former Igwe and former PG.

Stay tuned…

Mazi Odera

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