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Igbos are victims of their own selfishness

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Igbo politicians[Igbo politicians with President Buhari]

Tell me, have you observed as I did that in Nigeria the west do politics for the benefit of the west? Though the individual politicians may be as corrupt as their

counterparts from other regions, yet they always reject anything or decision that does not favour their people. I am sure we can count how many times they have threatened to walk out on debates, or pull out from discussing issues when they think it is not benefiting their people.

The Northerners do politics for the benefit of their people. This does not mean that Northern politicians are not as corrupt as others. Though in many debates Northerners have been termed to be selfish and unprogressive because of the rate of illiteracy and under-development in their region, yet they fight for their people always at the federal level. I recall in 1959 the North threatened to opt out of the independence if they were not given the Prime Minister position. Zik, against the suggestion of Awolowo to let Zik be Prime minister while he Awo becomes the minister of Finance, refused just to pacify the North because they stood together.

On the contrary Eastern politicians do politics for their individual interests and all we do is fight and defend them even when we are the pathetic victims of their selfishness. Has there been a time when Ndigbo threatened to exit any national debate because it was not favouring us? Just recently at the national confab the North threatened to exit the conference because they felt the decisions were not going to their favour. The west at a time did the same. What did the east do when it was obvious that there would be no creation of additional state for us? SILENCE!

How about today? I don’t know about you but the impression am getting from this PDP/APC brouhaha is that our people in both parties seem to be there for themselves not for their people. I just want to ask our APC members and supporters reading me now, who are you representing in APC government? Why do you rise in fury to dismiss any complain or agitation of the Igbos from the federal government? Who are you protecting Buhari, Nigeria or yourself? Can you in all honesty say that all is well for Ndigbo in Nigeria? What exactly are you trying to prove? Honestly I am getting confused because I thought diversification in politics is to give people opportunity to reap from both sides. If PDP is in power the easterners in PDP will attract the federal projects into our land, if APC is in power our brothers in APC will attract federal projects to our land. Right now it does not seem to be the case. My APC supporters seem to be in a divine mission of exonerating the north of any blame from the woes we suffer in this country. They appear to be on impressionist mission for the glory of APC.


Eastern politicians do politics for their

individual interests and all we do is

fight and defend them even when we

are the pathetic victims of their selfishness


It is time we realize that even juicy positions will not help us unless the person occupying such position recognizes it as an opportunity to improve the lot of his people and to move Nigeria forward. Honestly you guys need to quit this mob mentality of attacking one another, stumbling on top of each other just to vilify your brother/sister because he condemns Buhari or Jonathan. We are a people and we should fight for ourselves only because other regions are fighting for themselves and there is no one among them that is fighting for us. If you cannot fight for us just shut up. 

“You must blow your trumpet because if you don’t, others will be busy blowing theirs and no one will blow yours”….Tafawa Balewa.

“Let us forget our differences and build a greater Nigeria”…Zik. 

“No let us talk of our differences in other to understand one another. You are Igbo and a Christian, I am Hausa/Fulani and a Muslim, and what is it that unites us?”….Ahmadu Bello. 

Can you see the difference? Isn’t this the same mentality we have in Nigeria today? Fight for yourselves not for others please.

Onyema Uche

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