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Ifeanyi Uba  Should Not Allow His Enemies Use Him 

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Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Uba (PIU) should not allow his enemies use him for their selfish political interests.

After it was alleged that Victor Umeh duped Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah in 2013, PIU left APGA and joined the labour party. PIU said lots of disgusting things against APGA. It was even PIU that caught Apga’s candidate then in the person of Obiano cheating during 2013 governorship debate held in Anambra State.

When PIU lost the 2013 guber election, he went on air (just as he did after losing PDP primaries) and started maligning APGA.

Before we could say Jack, PIU joined PDP without telling us why he left LP – the party that gave him succour when Umeh and some of his cohorts in Apga allegedly duped and scammed him.

He worked for GEJ in PDP and formed TAN. To prove how much he loved GEJ and PDP, PIU broke down in tears and cried like a baby when GEJ and PDP lost the 2015 Presidential To Buhari of APC.

All of a sudden, PIU started doing everything possible to get the attention of President Buhari. He first said he knew how to make fuel and kerosene “scarce-less” in Nigeria. When Buhari didn’t notice him, he said he could bring down the dollar rate in Nigeria with his magic wand. When that one failed too, he made bold and joined APC. He also made his followers follow him to APC and even admonished them on the need to display their APC cards on online social medias. In his usual way, he started conveying meetings in his Nnewi country home where his major agenda was to rubbish the person of Mr. Peter Obi and GEJ to the extent of claiming that GEJ refused to pay him courtesy of Mr. Peter Obi.

Having lasted just few months in APC, same government arrested him and dragged his name in the mud. We protested, we cried and we shouted to high heavens for his release. The APGANS on the other hand were busy celebrating the incarceration of Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah. Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia led the way and we followed him to make sure PIU was released.

We rejoiced when PIU was finally released and the APGANS were gnashing teeth and were totally sad that PIU had regained freedom.

After PIU’s sad experience in his APC family, he was visited by Gov. Obiano who pleaded with him to join him in APGA and support his re-election bid. But PIU told Obiano point blank that unless he (Obiano) made him his campaign DG, that he would never Join APGA or support his re-election bid.

While all these were going on, PDP was in tatters both in federal and state levels. Mr. Peter Obi and Oseloka Henry Obaze were busy streamlining on how to bring PDP back to track. After several court cases in court which could best be described as a General hospital where PDP was admitted and was on life support for months or even years as the case maybe, the Party regained consciousness and was out of coma courtesy of the Supreme court ruling which sacked Sheriff and declared Markarfi the authentic PDP National Chairman.

We rejoiced, and a date for Anambra PDP guber primary was fixed. But while PDP was battling for the soul of the party, Dr. PIU was nowhere to be found.

When the PDP primary was just two weeks to the D day, the rumour everywhere was that PIU was joining PDP to contest the primary. We thought it was a normal Facebook rumours until his pictures flooded online when he went to purchase the guber form.

PIU lost to OHO on the day of the PDP primaries and in his usual way rejected the result and threatened to destabilize the party. He went to many TV stations and insulted PDP and casted aspersions on the person Mr. Peter Obi. Okwute in his humane and gentle nature went to Nnewi with OHO and other PDP members to plead with PIU to accept the result of the primary in good fate and Join them to make PDP and Anambra great again.

While waiting to see PIU joining them since they had gone to plead with him to sheath his grievances, APGA members led by Chief Victor Umeh paid PIU a visit and asked him to join APGA. They did so not because they


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