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If Osinbajo Doesn’t Resign, They Will Send Him To Wash Toilets —Fani-Kayode


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A former Minister of Aviation, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode has warned the Vice President of the federation, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo [SAN] that if he doesn’t resign within 6 months, he will end up washing toilets in Aso Rock.

Mr. Fani-Kayode made the latest taunt on his Twitter handle on Wednesday.


Recall that on September 17,  Fani-Kayode took a swipe on Vice President Osinbajo after he was removed as head of the government’s Economic Team by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The former Aviation Minister taunted Osinbajo that despite his constant fawning on President Buhari, his cowardly and quisling disposition and his penchant to defend his indefensible actions, he was relegated and treated with disdain and contempt.

He noted that he was thrown off the Economic Team, then some parastatals are removed from his supervision and finally he is told that he must get presidential approval for any expenses he seeks to incur.

He added that such things happen when one hold himself out cheaply to those who despise him.

In the latest series of mockery, he said:

“If the short man doesn’t resign within 6 months they will soon be sending him to wash toilets.

“U came in on the same ticket, u sold your soul, u betrayed ur people, ur tribe, ur region and ur faith and you sucked ur boss’ rectum for 4 yrs!

“Look at what u got in return! Shame on u!”

See tweet:

Meanwhile, in an earlier tweet, he said:

“Amb. Ayo Oke, the fmr. DG NIA, took care of you. He paid your bills and protected you. He kept all your dirty little secrets.

“He gave you wise counsel and comforted you even when you shed tears and said you couldn’t take it anymore. All this yet you sold him down the river.

“Your fingers have finally been caught in the cookey bar and your benefactors and detractors have begun their work.

“They have demoted you, humiliated you, used you and dumped you. By the time they finish with you you will wish that you had never been born.

“Worse still Oke is no longer there to help you. Poor chap. Politics is a terrible thing when compared to the legal profession.

“This is especially so when you are a Prof. of Law. At least you can go back to your pastoral work at RCCG when all else fails. My prayers are with u.”

See tweet below:


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