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I know 3 Nigerian celebrities who have felony charges – Seun Kuti


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Grammy-nominated afrobeat musician Seun Kuti has described his recent assault on a police officer that landed him in prison as a mere “misdemeanour charge.”

The singer stated this during an Instagram live session with fans recently.

Slamming those attacking him on social media over his assault on a police officer, Kuti said he was aware of Nigerian celebrities with felony charges, but fans never criticised them the way they did him.

He said, instead, fans celebrate and defend those criminal celebrities on social media.

He said, ” I know at least three celebrities in Nigeria who have felony charges. Mine is a misdemeanour charge. Whether they talk as if heaven is falling and thunder is crashing, my charge is still a misdemeanour. If we are going to be just, assaulting a police officer is a misdemeanour. That is the charge I have.

“But felony charges—fraud, assault, rape—you people come online, and you fight for these people with felony charges. Real criminals.”

Kuti said someday he would rent the National Stadium for one week to apologise to Nigerians for any crime he might have committed against them.

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