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I ate lizard as protein to survive during Biafra war — CharlyBoy


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Veteran singer Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy, has spoken about the traumatic memories of the Biafra Nigerian bloody war.

He took to his official X handle on Thursday to honour Biafran Day and remember the fallen heroes who died fighting for the establishment of Biafran State.

According to Charlyboy, the conflict scandalised his youth.

While recalling the horrible experience of witnessing lifeless bodies all around him, most of which had died from starvation, he stated that “luck” kept him alive, and he ate lizards for protein.

The renowned singer bemoaned the hard reality of the postwar era for Easterners while applauding the Igbos’ tenacious character, which helped them recover after the war.

He wrote, “30th May. Biafran Day

“The Nigerian Civil War (67-70) scandalized my Youth. As a teenager, it was mother luck that kept some of us alive. I saw far too many dead bodies everywhere, mostly from starvation.

“Everyday was like one’s last. Even with some food relief from The Red Cross, some of us ate Lizards as our protein. It was hell. I will Never forget.

“By the time the war was over, our eastern Igbo brothers were all given £20 to rebuild their lives regardless of how many Billions they had before the war.

“Lessons Learnt:Life is about navigating through hardships, bouncing back from setbacks, and maintaining a positive outlook no matter the circumstances. Resilience refers to the ability to use personal, dogged qualities to withstand pressure. That our Igbo brothers have in abundance.

“Hail Biafra.”

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