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HURIWA to Buhari on IGP: – Don’t be deceived by public relations propaganda

*Says Nigeria needs active IGP now


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Civil Right Advocacy Group: – HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has urged President Muhammadu Buhari not to be swayed, persuaded or deceived by public relations propaganda packaged as news story canvassing extension of service for the Inspector General of Police Usman Alkali Baba due for retirement in March.

HURIWA said if there’s anything good that Nigerians are asking from their President now just before his mandatory two terms tenures expires in May, is for him to appoint a fresh, innovative, very educated, soundly trained and experienced and patriotic Inspector General of Police to take over from the current holder of that office who is obviously the most unsuccessful and weak Police Inspector General since Nigeria became independent in 1960.

HURIWA debunked the infantile postulation as speculated in the media that only when the tenure of the nation’s head of police and some other deputies is extended beyond the election season, that it is the panacea in their warped imagination to avoid undermining the election.

But HURIWA said it is illogical, irrational, laughable to argue that tenure extension for the Inspector General of Police and other retiring officers was necessary to make the poll successful which is an attempt to make it look as if certain officers in the police force are indispensable which is obviously a defective way of thinking.

“We find it highly fallacious for any public relations practitioner to package a poorly articulated position and smuggle such product of porous logic into the mainstream media to try to hoodwink the President to believe that it is only when the tenure of police officers due for retirement are extended that the election of 2023 will not be sabotaged.”

“This line of thinking is so puerile porous and hollow because statutorily, Police Officers’ retirement is a product of extant law just as it is sufficiently convincing to state that today’s police Force in Nigeria, there are a good number of better educated, well exposed, trained and even comprehensively experienced officers who can seamlessly be promoted to take the positions that ought to be vacated by retiring police officers. It is therefore an absolute bunkum and beer parlour talk for anyone with rational faculty, to argue that the 2023 election will be undermined if any police officer retires. Have these poor thinkers forgotten that the Nigeria Police Force is an institution created by law and that successions into different cadres of the force are so well spelt out and that officers are generally exposed to practical trainings including election security by virtue of their belonging to the Nigeria Police Force?”

Besides, HURIWA in a media statement by the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko said President Muhammadu Buhari needs to appoint fresh security/Police experts within the Nigeria Police Force to fill up any emerging vacancies including that of the IGP particularly taking cognizance of the historical fact that Nigeria witnessed the highest numbers of attacks of Police stations and killings of Police Officers under the leadership of the current IGP whose management team totally lack the strategy to stop these daredevil attacks, arrest the exact suspects, charge and obtain quality court sentences for these levels of sabotage of policing institution in Nigeria under the watch of the present holder of the office of IGP.”

HURIWA recalled that IGP Baba would turn 60 in March, having been born in 1963 and therefore due for retirement. Also, three DIGs and scores of AIGs are due for retirement between this month and March ending. Others due for retirement by March are 10 Commissioners of Police (CPs), five Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs), about 30 Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs), over 35 Chief Superintendents of Police (CSPs), 47 Superintendents of Police (SPs).

HURIWA said it is inconceivable that anyone is arguing that the present day policing institution do not have capable hands to succeed retiring police officers as if to say that only those due for retirement have ever attended the dozens of statutorily internal and external courses for police officers just as the Rights group faulted the call for tenure extension as that will dampen the morale of other competent Nigeria Police officers who ought to step in as soon as statutory vacancies emerge by virtue of retirement.

HURIWA said that before IGP’s statutory retirement in March, three DIGs are expected to leave the force this month as they reach their retirement age even as the Rights group said those officers including the IGP due for disengagement should proceed for retirement because the Civil Service Rules say a civil servant is due for retirement after serving 35 years or after attaining 60 years of age. HURIWA has cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari not to grant any tenure extension or else his administration will be regarded as lawless, reckless and bigoted.

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