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How my best friend helped me survive anorexia


When I was ill, I could almost feel anorexia pushing my friends and family away. I became withdrawn and distant, no longer myself. I did not want to go out with my friends or family, I didn’t even want to talk.

No man is an island – How my friends have helped me cope with depression

A small part of me could see what was happening, it was like watching from an outside view, seeing the colour of my former self fade into a big grey smudge.

Not only was I disappearing, but people around me were too.

But my closest friend, Katherine, has been there through it all.

Nobody asked Katherine to stay or understand but she did and there have been so many moments that I could not have gotten through it without her there with me.

Looking back, Katherine and I have picked out a few of the moments that have stuck with us along this journey.

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