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How APC Plotted to Overthrow Udom Emmanuel

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Udom Emmanuel,umana*Untold story of the DSS invasion of Akwa Ibom State*

Startling revelations have emerged on the recent invasion of the Akwa Ibom State Government House by

the Directorate of State Security, indicating that there was more to the raid than meet the eye.

[Picture: Udom Emmanuel vs Umana Umana]

According to a very reliable source, the commando – style invasion of the seat of government of Akwa Ibom State was a ploy sponsored by Mr. Umana Umana of the APC, in a desperate attempt to force himself into the hilltop Mansion in Uyo.

Umana is said to have approached some elders of his party in Lagos, complaining that with hopes at the tribunal was almost crumbling, it was important to use other might to dislodge Governor Udom Emmanuel.

Although three options were suggested, Umana was said to have been very disposed to the idea of a military raid using federal might, and the State Secret Service was seen as the best tool for the operation.

The DSS force, it was learnt came from Abuja with a specific directive to provoke the security details attached to the Government house, so that an ensuing duel can lead to security infraction.

With the security infraction, the federal government was to be persuaded to declare a state of emergency and appoint a sole administrator for the State, and names of Major Gen Edet Akpan and Group Captain Sam Enwang were promptly shortlisted.

It was his belief that with a Major Edet Akpan as sole administrator, the moral of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s legal team in Abuja will be dampened and could affect the case. 

Should this be case, a rerun with an Edet Akpan who had earlier been arrested for election sharp practices, Umana believed he will rig his way into power.

However, they were astonished that their plans crumbled sooner than envisaged, when they arrived at the government house in Uyo and met no resistance from the security there.

Disappointed with the no show situation by the Governor’s security personnel, the DSS proceeded on a phantom search of the government house for imaginary arms and ammunitions, and when none was found, it became apparent that nothing short of a wild goose chase qualified their invasion.

Umana is said to be worried that SSS failed to make any discovery in the Commando attack, sparking wide spread condemnation from prominent Akwa Ibom elders, stakeholders and some Nigerian rights activists who have called for a probe of the DSS.

To redeem his image, Umana Umana recently begged some old politicians who are in his employ to endorse a written statement applauding the DSS for their brutal rape on the sanctity of Akwa Ibom State government.

Ante Oquong

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