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Hausa Community Pays Homage to New Ọkọ of Ugbabe Clan, Chief Enyinna

Obollo Afor, Enugu State


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November 10 2023

The Hausa community in Obollo Afor, a town in Enugu State, recently paid a visit to the Palace of Oko Ugbabe Obollo — Ozor Enyinna Odumegwu Ogbonna. The purpose of their visit was to felicitate with Chief Enyinna on his recent conferment as the Ọkọ of Ugbabe clan. Led by their leader, HRH. Zakari Ibrahim Babangida (Sarki Hausa Udenu LGA) and Chairman Hausa Emirate Council Of Chief Enugu North Senatorial Zone the group arrived at the palace at noon, bearing gift souvenirs as a token of their homage.

During the visit, Zakari expressed the community’s pleasure in residing in a land as friendly and accommodating as Obollo. Furthermore, he emphasized their admiration for Chief Enyinna, as a pan-Nigerian leader who has received well-deserved recognition and a traditional honor of such magnitude. Zakari’s comments alluded to the fact that Ugbabe clan is a community that values and respects individuals who have made significant contributions to society.

Responding to their kind gesture, Chief Enyinna, in turn, expressed his gratitude for the group’s visit and their kind words. He assured them that he will continue to work towards the upliftment of humanity, regardless of their religious, political, or tribal affiliations. Chief Enyinna’s response echoes his commitment to fostering unity and progress in Ugbabe clan and beyond.

The conferment of Chief Enyinna as the Ọkọ of Ugbabe clan demonstrates the significance and cultural importance of traditional halls of fame in African setting. These leaders play a crucial role in maintaining harmony and unity among various ethnic groups within their domains. The Hausa community’s visit to the palace serves as a testament to the inclusive and harmonious nature of Obollo Afor, where people from diverse backgrounds can coexist peacefully.

The Hausa community’s gesture of presenting gift souvenirs symbolizes their respect and support for Chief Enyinna’s leadership. This act underscores the unity and mutual respect that exists among the different communities residing in Obollo Afor. Such interactions contribute to the social fabric of the community, promoting tolerance and peaceful cohabitation.

The new Ọkọ of Ugbabe clan, Chief Enyinna, has shown his commitment to fostering unity by emphasizing that he will continue to prioritize the welfare and development of the people, irrespective of their differences. By promoting inclusivity and actively engaging with various communities, Chief Enyinna is setting an example for other traditional rulers across Nigeria.

As Nigeria moves forward on its path to national progress, the mutual respect and understanding exhibited by Chief Enyinna and the Hausa community serve as a reminder that unity and cooperation are integral to achieving lasting peace and prosperity.

In conclusion, the Hausa community’s visit to Chief Enyinna’s palace to congratulate him on his conferment as the Ọkọ of Ugbabe clan is a testament to the inclusive and harmonious nature of Obollo people. This is just one of such many visits since the conferment on October 20, 2023. Ọkọ’s house has been playing host on daily basis to individuals and groups who come on similar congratulatory homage. It highlights the values of respect and unity that bring people from diverse backgrounds together, fostering a sense of collective pride and identity within the community. Chief Enyinna’s commitment to the upliftment of humanity further exemplifies his leadership qualities and ensures a better future for all residents of Ugbabe clan.

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