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Group urges Saraki to go ahead with EFCC boss probe

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EFCCThe scheduled EFCC Boss Mr. Ibrahim Larmode’s hearing on Wednesday, August 26, 2015, is proper and should go ahead as scheduled. This is because

Mr. Lamorde, knowingly or deliberately and intelligently looked the other way, while Alhaji Abdulrauf Olarenwaju Iliasu, in conspiracy with Ambassador Usman Sarki, while on bail, continued to engage in corruption and defrauding innocent Nigerian investors.

It is sad that volumes and boxes of valid, debatable and verifiable evidence, under the custody of the EFCC, showing that Alhaji Iliasu, has been using an office address, No. 1-2 Usman Dan Fodio Street, Aso Villa, FCT-Abuja, Nigeria, which is located directly, inside the Presidential Aso Villa, directly in front of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Presidential Banquette Hall, as a base for his known and recognized corrupt and fraudulent activities, and yet Mr. Lamorde the EFCC Boss, knowingly or deliberately and intelligently conspired with his officers and failed to permanently, shut down that house of corruption and fraud.

During the Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration, Alhaji Iliasu, impersonated being part of the Presidency and was using same office to convince innocent Nigerian investors who thought that he was working for President Jonathan and the EFCC Boss has been aware of this fraudulent deception and impersonation, but still allowed him to continue with his crime spree, as being part of President Buhari’s administration.

Just recently, on August 17, 2015, as a member of President Buhari’s administration from his usual office, Alhaji Iliasu defrauded more unsuspecting Nigerian investor, of five million Naira, which he deposited into a First Bank of Nigeria, PLC new account, and afterwards transferred into his private account.

On Wednesday, August 19, 2015, this same Alhaji Iliasu, who continued his known and recognized corrupt and fraudulent activities while on bail by defrauding innocent Nigerian investor of five million Naira, was at the EFCC for more interrogations, but was allowed to go home without detention for violation of his bail agreement. 

Photo of Alhaji Iliasu at the EFCC office during his continued interrogation on August 19, 2015

In fact, Alhaji Iliasu, knowingly or deliberately failed to report to the EFCC office on August 19, 2015, as ordered by the EFCC investigator, but reported when this investigator threatened to arrest his bailer, if he fail to report for more interrogations and questioning as ordered.

This opened wider doors to serious questions about the EFCC Boss, Mr. Lamorde’s direct involvement in his conspiracy with Alhaji Iliasu, to continue defrauding Nigerians investors from same Aso Villa office.

Alhaji Iliasu, who has been known for his very loud mouth, publicly, repeatedly, boasted of how he paid the EFCC Boss, Mr. Lamorde large sums of untraceable cash money from the money he derived from defrauding Nigerian innocent investors with the names of Nigerians with Disabilities, the Presidency, United Nations, Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations, The Presidency’s office of the Special adviser to the President on Ethics and Values.

The EFCC allowing Alhaji Iliasu’s office is a valid and verifiable proof that Alhaji Iliasu’s claims of paying the EFCC boss large sums of money from the proceeds he derived from defrauding innocent Nigerian investors is in order.

Alhaji Iliasu, continued use of the name of the Federal Civil Service Staff with Disabilities Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society to defraud innocent Nigerian investors, despite being fired by the President of this group because his is not a person with disability or Federal Civil Servant and due to his known and recognized fraudulent activities with the name, disclaimers filed against him by the Head of Civil Service of the Federations, Special Adviser to the Former President on Ethics and Values and Board of Directors of this Disability Group, the EFCC Boss still allowed him to continue with his corrupt and fraudulent acts from this office.

Ambassador Usman Sarki, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations, is the highest Nigerian Diplomat, representing the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United Nations.

The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon is presently on two days official visit to Nigeria. Ambassador Sarki, as the highest Nigerian Diplomat, at the United Nations, should have been one of those Nigerians who welcomed Ban Ki-moon and who directly accompanied him to all the places he visited in Nigeria, but thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He excluded Ambassador Sarki from direct participation, due to the Foreign Ministry being aware of how Ambassador Sarki, knowingly or deliberately and intelligently, engaged himself into, unprofessional, undiplomatic, unethical and immoral, diplomatic rape and blunder, by conspiring with Alhaji Iliasu to defraud innocent Nigerian investors of Billions of Naira, which brought embarrassment and shame to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigerians with Disabilities living in the United States urges President Buhari to, without further delay, declare Ambassador Sarki, Persona non strata and recall him back to Nigeria to face charges for his conspiracy with Alhaji Iliasu to commit fraud

Our Nigeria is the world’s most populous black nation of persons with disabilities, with a huge political population of 25.5 million constituencies of consequences.

Nigeria is one of the World’s richest oil and gas producing nations of the world, but with huge pockets of poverty due to endemic corruptions and mismanagement, poor democracy and governance, which, more than 25.5 million Nigerians with Disabilities and Nigerian families are sufferers of its consequences. 

Please note that every Nigerian family, including your family, with due respect, has one or more people with disabilities respectively. Therefore, President Buhari’s fight against corruption and the EFCC Boss, Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde’s scheduled Senate hearing and possible conviction and sack as the EFCC Chairman will be for the good interest of every Nigerian Family and Nigeria’s moving forward. 

Chief Eric Ndubueze Ufom

President, Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities International, Inc.

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