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Gov. Otti orders arrest, detention of Navy officers caught flogging girls, stealing their phones


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Governor Alex Otti has ordered the arrest of the officers of the Nigerian Navy caught on CCTV camera flogging young girls with sticks and stealing their phones in a salon in Abia State.

The Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Otti, Mr. Nedu Ekeke, disclosed this on Thursday, saying that the rogue soldiers are currently in detention. 

News Band had earlier reported that the Navy officers, who are members of “Operation Flush” recently set up in the state by the Governor, manhandled the girls while one of them stole their phones afterwards.

Report has it that Governor Otti has handled that case as three Hilux of military police came to the salon and made sure the pregnant worker who was assaulted by the rogue Naval officers was taken to hospital for proper care.

Mr. Ekeke reported: “Earlier today… His Excellency Dr. Alex Otti had instructed… so after a group call I had with him and the Navy Captain in charge of the naval base. The Government House is in Umuahia. This incident happened in Aba.

“I can confirm that the Naval personnel are in detention. The Commanding Officer of the naval base has confirmed to us his sadness at the actions of his men.

“Of course, Gov. Otti has insisted on severe punishment, and that will happen.

“On whether the same people who assaulted the shop workers returned again this morning, it was a set of army personnel who did. And, those ones are also currently in detention.  

“Here is the full story:  

“Two days ago, a group of naval personnel invaded a hair salon and ordered everyone – hairdressers and clients alike – to lay on the floor. They obeyed.

“Then the naval personnel began assaulting them. When they finished, one of them left with a phone.  

“Shortly after, the owner of the phone, a female customer, started looking for her phone.

“Apparently, in the confusion that ensued whilst the naval personnel assaulted everyone, she believed one of the barbers had made away with her phone.  

“The shop manager then decided to go check the CCTV footage and saw that it was a naval officer who took the phone.

“This customer, it turns out, has a friend in the Army, just at a nearby formation (Ngwa High School). She ran to the soldiers and complained to them.

“The soldiers intercepted the naval personnel and helped the lady retrieve her phone.

“Then, this morning, the soldiers somehow got to hear that the video of Tuesday’s incident was trending on social media and got angry.  

“They believed they were possibly the ones seen in footage. So they returned to the shop and ordered the shop operators to lock up everywhere.

“They also ordered the two barbers they saw there to jump into a car parked outside.  

“The shop manager went to inquire about their offense to warrant such treatment and one of the soldiers slapped him. 

“The Commanding Officer of the battalion from where the soldiers came was livid when he heard the story.  

“I spoke with him and conveyed to him His Excellency Dr. Alex Otti’s clear stand on the matter: that the personnel involved must be severely punished to deter others from committing such acts in the future. 

“Governor Otti’s assurance to everyone is that justice will be done.  

“We thank everyone who called our attention to this, and assure you that ours is a government that is intentional about a functional partnership with the citizens.” Read more.


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