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Giant Bouquet of 10,000 Flowers Is Blooming in the Middle of the Ocean


flowers ,oceanFlowers blooming in the middle of the ocean? Now we’re talking. While we’re at it, what magical dream world is this where flower towers are set adrift in the sea?!

Welcome to the world of Japanese artist Azuma Makoto, who creates colorful bouquets of flowers in “environments where nature does not allow them to exist.” 

For the second project in his ongoing series called “In Bloom,” he headed to the Hinoba-an Sea in the Philippines to make flowers flourish where none do: in the middle of the freakin’ ocean. 

(The first project in his series, also well worth a look, launched flowers into space. Seriously).

This is definitely one of those “if you can dream it, you can do it” moments, to paraphrase the late, great Walt Disney. And we can all use some of those. Bravo, Azuma Makoto!

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