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Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour: A good radiant of an activist turned politician — By David Adenekan

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The abracadabra of the refiguring of the BVAS/postponement of the governorship election by one week has attracted global attention.

This also includes the deceptive steps of Buhari’s INEC to truncate another mandate of the people, come Saturday, 18th of March 2023, wherein, a young and dynamic 40 years old Lagosian; Architect Gbadebo Vivour Rhodes has emerged in the midst of a political quagmire that may hit the most cosmopolitan city in Sub Sahara Africa.

The question is, what is a well-trained architect from one of the prestigious universities in the world; MIT who is also, an illustrious son of one of the founding fathers of real development in Lagos, the Vivour Rhodes’s family doing in the midst of the murky waters called Nigeria politics?

Gbadebo’s profile has since risen to becoming a major contestant for the governorship in Lagos state, the news media has gone agog with great recommendations and accolades. All hail the In – coming Governor of Lagos state, His Excellency, Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour, GRV.

  1. An architect with a first class knowledge has come to rebuild and redesign Lagos into one of the first class cities of the world. The skills and knowledge to realize this vision remains undisputed. Yes, we now have an architect as a governor to redesign a new Lagos for all Lagosians. This is regardless of your ethnicity or religious background.

  2. Except for the government of Sir Michael Otedola that lasted for barely two years, the indigenous people of Lagos state have not produced another governor for Lagos state. On Saturday, 18th, 2023, another brilliant mind will have a shot to be the arrowhead at the seat of government in Alausa, Ikeja. A true son of the soil; from Rhodes Vivour family will be the pride of the indigenous people of Lagos state as he will extol their virtues and rich heritage.

Will the son of Barr. Olawale Rhodes Vivour relive the meaning of the name his paternal grandfather gave him at birth, “Gbadebo, brings back the glory/crown of his people” on Saturday 18th, 2023?

Time will tell.

  1. A dogged activist turned politician will succeed Sanwoolu if going by the referendum votes cast by Lagosians to defeat the self-acclaimed Landlord of Lagos state, three weeks ago.

Prejudice apart and without mincing words, methinks Lagos needs a revolutionist to undo the many years of Tinubu’s mal-administration in Lagos state. Alpha Beta must go including the unlawful reign of agberos over law-abiding citizens must stop. Also, the over pricing of contracts awarded at the detriment of human capital development must stop, godfatherism (baba sope/imposition) in Lagos state politics must be discontinued. Let us allow the good people of Lagos state to elect their leaders at various levels in order to deepen democracy.

In addition, the lack of accountability and transparency must end. It is only a born activist turned politician that can change the status quo, which is enmeshed in monumental corruption.

  1. We must break the age-long absence of youths in our today’s politics. Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour will represent the new generation of youth in this millennium. Architect Gbadebo Vivour Rhodes will be among the young generation that would strategically reposition Nigeria into an enviable position in the comity of nations.

I have listened to many of his video clips on both Arise and Channels TV and I am convinced of his dynamic and purposeful leadership.

I was thrilled in one of the interviews on Arise TV when he demonstrated his strong belief in the richness of Yoruba language as a unique heritage. “Do you know that the binary codes in Google was first developed from Ifa as an analogue.” Gbadebo said.

Furthermore, the die is now cast as Barr. Olawale Rhodes Vivour, the biological father of Gbadebo and the current head of Rhodes Vivour family came out to refute or debunk all of the seemingly hands of Tinubu’s propagandists. It was a strong voice that unveiled the real indigenous Lagosians and made Gbadebo the favorite of many of our kinsmen that were hitherto, doubting the paternal identity of Gbadebo Vivour Rhodes. The coast is now clear for the owners of the land to reclaim their lands from the invaders.

In addition, the statement making the rounds by the Tinubu’s camp that, the Igbos want to take over Yoruba land has now backfired. It worked against Jimi Agbaje and others but it will not fly this time around except for those who are so gullible.

We have had two military leaders, Rear Admiral Ebitu Ukiwe and Air Commodore Ndubisi from the Southeast; from Igbo land that governed Lagos under the military rule and no part of Lagos land was seceded to the Igbos. What a fairy tale of lies to win election by all costs!

What a people!

However, if this will not fly, baba olowo eko (the landlord of Lagos) that has used the stolen wealth of Lagos to buy every institution in Nigeria may want to do the magic wand through his co-traveller, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu to rig the election and this may kick-start the youth revolution that is already looming.

Yes, a good radiant activist turned-politician will take over the affairs of a new Lagos on Saturday, 18th 2023 going by the same referendum votes cast, against the de-facto Governor of Lagos, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu three weeks ago. This is bearing in mind all unforeseen circumstances.

Alas, three weeks is not just enough to heal the historical wounds of the martyrs of the “ENDSARS Protest at Lekki Toll Gate.It is just too late to change the narrative.

Only time will tell.

Eko oni baje o, o baje ti. Ase Edumare.

Hmmm, the law of karma, “the otoge” (enough is enough) verdict that was passed on the Saraki’s Dynasty in Kwara state by Tinubu and his cabal four years ago, is now reverberating all across Lagos state.

Yes, 24 years of despotic leadership is enough.Tinubu and his cabal must take their knees off the people’s necks in Lagos state and allow them to breath.

Again, Enough is Enough!


I rest my case.

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