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Female police officer breastfeeds hungry baby she found in hurricane wreckage 


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A policewoman is being praised online after she breastfed a crying baby she found during a recovery exercise following a hurricane.

Arizbeth Dionicio Ambrosio was hailed for her heroic work after coming through for a desperate mother and her baby.

Ambrosio was on a rescue mission in the city of Acapulco, Mexico, which was hit by Hurricane Otis, killing people and destroying property.

She heard a desperate cry from a baby from a distance but did not bother to inspect the noise at the time, as reported by BBC News Swahili.

A little later, the lady heard the cry again, and this time, her parenting instincts kicked in, and she went to investigate.

The 33-year-old met a desperate and heartbroken mother who needed dire help next to her bundle of joy.

She disclosed to Ambrosio that her four-month-old baby had not had food for two days and was crying because of hunger.

“I told her that if, since I am breastfeeding, if she wanted, I could give it to her,” the officer told Mexico’s N+ network.

The mother happily agreed and the policewoman went to work.


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