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Female IDF combat troops eliminate over 100 Hamas terrorists


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Israeli Caracal Battalion commander Lt.-Col. Or Ben-Yehuda praised her unit for its bravery in the southern Gaza Strip, where the female troops took down approximately 100 Hamas terrorists, the Jerusalem Post reported.

After the fighting broke out Oct. 7 when Hamas invaded Israel, Ben-Yehuda said she received a message reporting an infiltration of heavily armed terrorists near Sufa and Nirim and told her soldiers, “We are going out to eliminate terrorists. Infiltration into Israel is happening, and it’s spreading.

“Stay alert. We might cross paths. We are a strong squad,” she told her unit as they headed to Sufa.

Combat between the female battalion and the terrorists lasted nearly four hours and included large firefights. It took the IDF about 14 hours altogether to secure the base.

The female soldiers under her command have continued to make significant contributions to the war effort, Ben-Yehuda said.

“There are no more doubts about female combat soldiers, who have triumphed in every encounter with terrorists,” New York Post quoted Ben-Yehuda as saying.

“At present, we are responsible for 11 towns and are preparing for any potential ground maneuvers to ensure the safety of the southern Gaza border area and the Egyptian border.”

Members of the female troop have saved countless lives through medical care or by bravely landing helicopters while under fire, too, Ben-Yehuda said.

The commander also acknowledged the tank soldiers under her command who played a vital role in defending towns, including in Holit, a kibbutz near the Gaza Strip where at least 11 of its members were killed along with two migrant workers.

At least 1,400 Israelis and 5,000 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the war, while tens of thousands on both sides have been injured or displaced from their homes due to the conflict, officials on both sides have said.

Hamas has more than 200 hostages detained in Gaza, according to new estimates from the IDF.

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