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Fear grips other parties over PDP restructuring; target party leaders

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Chief Olisa Metuh[Chief Olisa  Metuh]

*Nwangwu warns blackmailers of Olisa Metuh*

Following the recent activities by some unscrupulous elements of Nnewi PDP ward, some respectable members of the Anambra State chapter of the PDP has risen up in

defence of Mr. Metuh.

Some of the members who spoke to this reporter are Hon. Nnamdi Nwangwu, the Presidential Campaign fund administrator for Nnewi North Local Government Area and the Chairman of Otolo Nnewi PDP Ward 1 in Nnewi North Local Government area of Anambra state, Mr. Emeka Ikejiuba.

Their statements are as follows:

*Keep me off your dirty politics, Nwangwu warns blackmailers of Olisa Metuh*

My attention has been drawn to a publication alleging that the National Publicity Secretary [NPS] Chief Olisa Metuh embezzled the sum of N12m campaign fund meant for Presidential Campaign Committee of Nnewi North Local Government Area in the last general election.

Nothing can be farther than the truth as the malicious publication must have come from the imagination of the authors.

I Hon. Nnamdi Nwangwu as the Coordinator of the Presidential Campaign was the fund administrator for Nnewi North Local Government Area who handled everything and Chief Metuh was never involved in any form in administering the funds.

Rather the entire committee on PCO for Nnewi North was in my house on the Election Day to share the money to the various wards accordingly.

I can say without fear of contradiction that even the fund in question was not up to that sum they are circulating about.

I want to warn the people involved in this politics of blackmail to stop dragging my name into their politics as I will not hesitate to take legal action if they fail to retract their statement immediately.

Am aware of some clandestine moves to drag the name of Chief Metuh to the mud just to discredit him and distract him from his job as the spokesman of our great party, but people should not drag my name into their dirty politics.

“Anybody familiar with political activities in Nnewi North in recent time can attest to the fact that I am not involved in their ugly politics and I want to warn everybody that I will take all possible action to protect my name from any form of character assassination.

Olisa Metuh’s ward warns his detractors

The Chairman of Otolo Nnewi Ward 1 in Nnewi North Local Government area of Anambra state Mr. Emeka Ikejiuba has warned those set out to malign and blackmail the National Publicity Secretary of our great party, Chief Olisa Metuh to be aware that they cannot distract the reformation and restructuring of the party for better result oriented through such moves.

The ward said they are proud to have a great leader like Metuh to come from their ward and would do anything legally possible to protect his hard earned reputation.

Mr. Ikejiuba said in a statement that the ward is aware of an orchestrated move to cow Chief Metuh and distract him from performing his duty as the mouthpiece of our great party and warned the detractors to desist or be ready for legal action.

We are also privy to the fact that some members are already working as fifth columnists have concluded plans to join other parties, a move we wish them well but they should not destroy people before leaving.

The ward however welcomes numerous other members wishing to join the party as the umbrella is still large enough to accommodate all.

The PDP ward leader however urged Chief Metuh not to be discouraged by the malicious publications but rather see it as price of leadership for which posterity will record him right. The ward however charged him not to be deterred but to continue in his good work to the party for which the ward, state and the entire national PDP are happy and satisfied with him.

The statement said that “members of Otolo Nnewi ward 1 are very much aware of the discomfort Chief Metuh’s good work is causing the ruling party and how even some disgruntled members of our party have been hired to destroyed him but we are warning them to stay clear of him”

Today, as we all know that the engine room of any opposition party that is serious on getting Power is her Media team.

Olisa Metuh as the Public Secretary of PDP is heading this burden activities.

And ruling Party is mobilizing attack to overwhelm him and turn Nigeria into one Party State which some of us see as bigger danger to sustainability of Nigerian Democracy.

One thing here is that the PDP as presently constituted will provide an alternative platform for both Anambra State and Nigeria as we go on.

The resolve to get it right is not just centred on Olisa Metuh or the State Chairman of the Party, but in the heart of men and women who are resolute that the only option for our people is to galvanize the Party for this big journey.

No amount of blackmail whatsoever can stop this ideal anchored on the heart of men and Women.

Let me borrow with Master Chuba Okadigbo:

The entire PHD (Pull Him Down) specialists should repent and see bigger picture as we quest to get it right.

In Anambra, PDP is committed, focused to get it right.

This Umbrella is now bigger and better to accommodate interests.

Are you looking for a party that will protect Anambra interest? Come to PDP.

Are you seeking for a party that will accommodate all the people of 177 towns of Anambra and those residing in Anambra? Think PDP!

This Party will not fail our state .We are thinking seriously on how to get it right.

Policies that will create Jobs for our Youths are our target today, so that one can have job without knowing any politician.

PDP is ready for Anambra. Don’t be afraid .Join us the Party.

Think Anambra and not a person.

Think Anambra! We can fix this state together. Come with your ideas, PDP will provide you with a better opportunity.

God Bless Anambra.

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

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