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‘Fascists’ for a Better Society? Yes, Daddy!

By Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo

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At the height of electioneering campaigns while soliciting for people’s votes in order to win the 2023 election, the LP presidential candidate was severally attacked by the daredevil agents of the ruling opposition government.

They didn’t stop at attempting to assassinate HE Peter Obi, APC men of the underworld also went overboard to attack some of PO’s supporters known as Obidients.

Bloodletting reported on Saturday 11th Feb, 2023 which was the day Obi-Datti mega rally berthed in Lagos is one such evidence too many.

The author, Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo


A certain tribe among the Obidients that live in Lagos was also threatened with death sentence, and true to such threats, the world saw all the violence – again, bloodletting – which happened on the day of the presidential election.

And despite such provocations, Obidients never retaliated; they stood calm and maintained peace while the whole electioneering plans lasted. But for a once respected Nobel Laureate to come out and condemn such unprovoked attacks, he choose that the man in him die in grave silence.

Only after committing many atrocities that include an electoral heist wherein the people’s mandate was snatched and given to a convicted drug baron in the dead of the night did the gray-haired professor found his voice to speak in the face of tyranny.

And when he spoke, “fascists” was heard out of his mouth for the Obidient movement. Yes, Daddy, Obidients are ‘fascists’ for a better society where food, education, security and infrastructure are ranked top priority for our people. Obi-Datti is our best deal, Kongi!


Aaron writes for PO Express Media, POEM.


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