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Facing Facts: There is NO Nigeria Union

By Ndidi Uwechue


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Signs are there that Nigeria is a Failed State heading towards a Rogue State. That is, an ungoverned/malgoverned space breeding and exporting Islamic terrorism. Thus a danger to itself, and a security threat to its neighbours, and the entire international community.

The source of Nigeria’s instability and delinquency is known. It is the 1999 Constitution a FORGERY, foisted upon the people. That 1999 Constitution empowers the Fulani Conquest Agenda including its armed component of Fulani Militia (tagged herdsmen or bandits) who slaughter Nigerians for land grabbing. That 1999 Constitution renders Nigerians defenceless when facing armed invaders. That 1999 Constitution promotes and protects looting of public funds, corruption, and impunity. That 1999 Constitution LOCKS DOWN the productivity and progress of the country. Just ONE FORGERY is the source of the inhuman and frightening living conditions that Nigeria’s masses are put through (just like the American Slave Codes were the source of torture and genocide of captive Africans).

It is inconceivable that the world’s diplomats, international organisations like the African Union, ECOWAS, United Nations, European Union, NATO, World Bank etc are unaware that Nigeria is operating a Forgery for a “Constitution”. Foreign observers attended the Pro-Sovereign National Conference (PRONACO) of 2005-2006 co-convened by Chief Anthony Enahoro and other statesmen of note. PRONACO was nicknamed Aburi 2 and it recognized that Nigeria and its peoples would remain in peril under the illegitimate 1999 Constitution. PRONACO produced a Draft People’s Constitution to replace the 1999 Constitution (after being ratified in the proper way by Referendums), however everything got abandoned because of the dishonesty of those who were in a position to bring about good, but chose not to. Some of the Aims and Objectives of PRONACO were:

  • To draw Nigeria away from the current brink of socio-political explosion.
  • To develop a platform where all aggrieved nationalities in Nigeria can sincerely and peacefully address the sore issues of the Union.
  • To produce a people’s Constitution for a Restructured Nigeria that conforms with the aspirations of the nationalities and for good governance.

PRONACO toured the country and Major-General Buhari with the Fulani’s Sultan Abubakar (now a retired Brigadier General) were part of the immigrant settler Fulani delegation. DIM Chukwuemeka Ojukwu was central to the Enugu sitting, he hosted it, and was co-chair with Chief Anthony Enahoro and Professor Wole Soyinka. In Lagos, Tinubu was Governor and Fashola, a lawyer was his Chief of Staff, former Vice-President Osinbajo a Professor of Law and apparently a Pastor, was the Attorney General. These people are mentioned so that the Reader can understand that those who have held high leadership positions in Nigeria are without excuse, and are aware that the 1999 Constitution should be scrapped, and that Nigeria is a hoax Union, a wicked farce. General Obasanjo was President at the time. Given the position that he has had in Nigeria, including being the one used to impose the 1999 Constitution, it is useful to know what lawyer and former Nigerian Bar Association president Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN was recently reported to have said about Obasanjo:

“According to Olanipekun, Obasanjo told him point blank when he was President that the Constitution should not be changed to Restructure Nigeria into a True Federation”! (my emphasis added in bold) – reported in the Punch Nigeria newspaper of 11 February 2024 under the title, “1999 Constitution A Fake Document, just scrap it

Nearly twenty-five years have passed and still the 1999 Forgery (Constitution) is in operation. These have been twenty-five disastrous years with an attendant (and ongoing) Mass Exodus of Nigerians seeking escape from Nigeria. However, there is no hiding place for the political class ie the Willing Tools of the South and Middle Belt for they know that the 1999 Constitution being a Forgery is illegitimate, and that there is in fact NO UNION. They are counting on the exploitable ignorance of the masses, and continue to churn out Lies, Deceptions, Tricks and Gimmicks. All intended to suppress and deny the SOVEREIGNTY of indigenous Ethnic Nations. As the Willing Tools and the larger group of Politically Exposed Persons continue their criminal family enterprises founded on ill-gotten lands, assets, and money (eg fronting, money laundering etc), enabled by the 1999 Constitution, the masses sink deeper and deeper into miseries and insecurity.

Quoting again from the Punch-Olanipekun article referred to above:

“In Nigeria, the fake Constitution is fuelling war-like security breaches, particularly Islamic terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, Fulani herdsmen atrocities and militancy. In the South-East, the agitation for separatism has assumed a violent hue.”

The said article also names others in the public eye who agree that the 1999 Constitution must be discarded IN ITS ENTIRETY, including the Editorial Board of Punch, a key newspaper for Nigerians and the Diaspora. They repeated the call to urgently “Restructure” Nigeria. This is welcome. Immediately after PRONACO, what was to become NINAS (ie MNN – Movement for New Nigeria) had set to continue from where PRONACO had halted and proceeded to Decommission the 1999 Constitution, so in 2007 MNN challenged the Legitimacy of the 1999 Constitution on the basis of it being a Forgery, via court suits in Lagos and Abuja plaintiffs being Chief Enahoro, DIM Ojukwu, C C Onoh and others. There then followed Regional Repudiation of the 1999 Constitution by way of Solemn Assemblies in each of the NINAS Alliance Blocs (Lower Niger, Yoruba, Middle Belt), culminating in the Enforcement Phase ushered in by the 16 December 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure. Thus, in exercise of their Sovereignties, the indigenous Ethnic Nations of the NINAS Alliance Territory made it known that they have Rejected the entire 1999 Constitution, but will give it limited toleration in order to prevent more Anarchy than Nigeria is already under. (Please refer to the Notice of Constitutional Force Majeure easily available via the internet)

On 26 February 2024, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Benjamin Kalu announced that the National Assembly and Interregnum President Tinubu (from the UNTENABLE outcome of the 2023 voting exercise) would from the description he gave, be FOISTING yet another fraudulent “Constitution” upon Nigerians in two years’ time. Mr Kalu and his colleagues should be held accountable by the NINAS Territory for suppressing the truth that Sovereignty is not with him or with any group of politicians, and therefore they do NOT have the powers or the right to make any Constitution that will operate on the ancestral lands of any indigenous Ethnic Nation of the NINAS Territory. Over the years, Nigerians had stated what they want and it has taken on the street name “Restructuring”. They want Autonomy (Self-Determination), they want Resource Control, they want Security Control, they know the arrangement can be as a True Federation or as a Confederation – but the suffering masses have not yet heard about the Pathway to get these things that they desire.

Fortunately, NINAS had already defined how AUTHENTIC Restructuring comes about. It is based on the indisputable Facts that:

** Sovereignty belongs to the indigenous Ethnic Nations.

** Being a Forgery, the 1999 Constitution must be Thrown Out. All of it.

** There is NO legitimate Nigeria Union (the original Union got terminated by the Military Coups of 1966), so indigenous Ethnic Nations must create their Union and that is done by Self-Determination Referendums.

(NOTE: Is it not time for Africans to realize that Referendum prevents war!)

The political class are fully aware that the NINAS Proposition will bring to Nigerians what they want: Change and Security, and that for a Union, Nigerians will themselves choose whether they want the Federal or the Confederal model. However, because of the riches that Politically Exposed Persons are rewarded with (in Nigeria and abroad) via the 1999 Constitution and by overriding the Sovereignty of indigenous Ethnic Nations, they continue to feed Nigerians with lies and false promises. They defy the peoples’ Constitutional Force Majeure, and in so doing add to Nigeria’s increasingly Rogue State outlook of irresponsible and reckless governance. The increasing instability that could lead to the chaotic disintegration of One-Nigeria is therefore on their heads: the world will hold them responsible, and rightly so.

There continues to be a loss of confidence by international investors, and Notice was given that Nigeria had become a DISPUTED PROJECT by the Declaration of Constitutional Force Majeure. Every reasonable adult knows that Forgery and Fraud (the 1999 Constitution) cannot a Union create. Some foreign observers had postulated that “Nigeria is fragmenting and sliding into a multipartite civil war.”  The costs of waiting until a failing country erupts into armed conflict are incalculable. The ORDERLY PROCESS of the NINAS Proposition would correct Nigeria’s constitutional irregularity that could end in Federation, or Confederation, or if no consensus is reached, in independent Successor Countries, is on the Table. There would be NO POWER VACUUM since the present governance structures would be Transformed into a time-bound Transitioning for Constitutional Renegotiation. The NINAS Proposition is a STABILIZING Strategy, much needed in the highly corrupt, violent turmoil of Nigeria. Foreign stakeholders would also be keen to support a stabilizing roadmap as that protects their investments.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


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