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EXPOSED! The Corrupt Contracts Saga Of Kagarko Local Govt Past Regime In Kaduna State

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kADUNA GOVERNOR EL RUFAIRecent discovery has revealed that a contract of about 50million Naira was awarded for grading of a road by the past administration of Kagarko Local Govt. 12million Naira was already given to the contractor as mobilisation fee For this contract.


The contractor collected the money and did zero percent of the job. He could not even resume the site. and later on some bad people who claim to be stake holders of that local government could not ask that he should return the money.

Rather they sat and declared that the contract should be revoked and the 12million Naira given to the contractor should be forfeited. Now I ask, is the contractor a mini god that 12million Naira of the local govt should be given to him as a gift?

Are the stake holders daft to the point that they forgot that such money should be spent on value oriented projects and not such a fiesta? EARSHOTS The then Kagarko Local govt Chairman has his house in Barnawa.

An expensive settlement where a piece of land costs millions… he also built a complex close to Barnawa shopping complex as well as other investments… all these personal projects of his were constructed in an expatriates monitoring and evaluation. we have not heard that he fortified any amount to any contractor.

If this is true, then why forfeit public funds entrusted into your care? did they really forfeit 12million Naira to a contractor or they just sat on a table and share the funds? Mind you, this is the same administration where SURE-P funds were given for years to the local government and some of the councillors will swear that the sureP funds were squandered without their knowledge. as if the finds are personal funds.

The kagarko interim management chairman Alhaji Shehu Musa Tafa has set up an advisory committee headed by Hon Dirius kurah to investigate the contracts awarded by the past administrations I hereby urge Tafa and his committee to scrutinize these people deeply and ensure that they are brought to justice.

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