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ENUGU 2023: Our choice in Peter Mba and the Peter Mba in our choices

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It was Giovanni Battista Montini, more commonly known by his papal name Pope Paul VI who said: “Jesus Christ the redeemer is at the centre of the life and history of mankind. Man therefore will continue to progress or regress in accord with how he align with, or malign Christ.”

The above phrasal analogy squarely fits into the situation Ndi Enugu found themselves in Nigeria today. The State is at the heart and centre of South East politics, as capital city of Ndigbo. And its prosperity or despondency is tossed on the palms of its people and politicians, more especially the Youths who are monikered “the leaders of tomorrow. ”

It is a matter of months and Ndi Enugu will be going to the poll to reshape her destiny. It is an election to determine how we will fare as a people of common patrimony in the next four years. We are to choose between dynamism and lethargy. Between innovation and facsimile. Interests have been erupting and the voters are waiting.

How we follow “who know road” determines, like the Pope in our opening paragraph said, whether “we will progress or regress” as a State.

Barr. Peter Mba (like Hon. Solomon Izuchukwu Onah also called Jack Solo) had followed the founding philosophy of Enugu politics from incipience. He had made salient contributions strategically advancing the cause of the people at some points as Commissioner. He has been committed. His unquestioned integrity made him the courted bride for PDP primary. Every party wants to adopt marketable candidates, which informed their choice of Jack Solo for State House of Assembly, Udenu Constituency. Despite being dutifully engaged in his flowering Pinnacle Oil and Gas conglomerate, Barr. Mba saw the need to accord his people the honour of this clarion call

He easily accepted and obtained the expression of interest and aspirant’s forms for governorship election. As if this was not enough, more citizens (Traditional Rulers inclusive) had kept pressing that he should be adopted as a consensus Candidate for all parties Since he won comprehensively in the party primary months ago, he had regurgitated on this, consulted across the length and breadth of the state and as always, his love for the Enugu people and the State outweighed the convenience of being a mere nominal candidate.

And so, in the mid-morning of Thursday, 13th October, 2022 at the Peter Mbah Law Auditorium — Godfrey Okoye University Thinkers Corner, Enugu, he wowed the people when he launched his campaign Manifesto titled ‘Building a peaceful and secure highly developed and prosperous state for all.” That day, he pacified the nerves of his numerous supporters by reeling out his actionable plans for the state in the next four years if elected. His manifesto presentation has been trailed by jubilation for what he can offer in the office, as supported by his verifiable antecedents.

He wisely themed his campaign around actualizable futuristic mantra with the slogan of “Tomorrow is here” in accordance with his determination to gift Enugu the fulfilment of the future they have craved for long.

Like the Pope in our opening quote suggested: the choice of Peter Mba in the poll of 2023 would define this state in accord with how we approached it. In Mba and his other PDP teams like Jack Solo (for House of Assembly, Udenu Constituency), His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (for Senate, Enugu North) etc, Ndi Enugu have a nib, an ink and a plain paper to scribble whatever we deem necessary for the welfare of the state and its citizens. By this piece, they’re urged by common sense to scribble what will favour our common good; and not parochial interests which opposition parties in Enugu represent. Posterity beacons and the burden is on our people to submit to its clarion call.

– Jack Solo Support Group

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