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Emeka Ike smokes marijuana – Ex-wife, Suzanne


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The former wife of Nollywood actor Emeka Ike, Suzanne Emma, wants the world to know that her ex-husband is an abuser of marijuana.

Suzanne said she decided to speak out to enable the public to know her ex-husband for who he is.

Speaking during a tell-it-all interview, she disclosed that she was fed up with the way the actor was granting interviews and spreading lies about her so it’s time she also comes out to speak.

She disclosed that her family was always worried about it because money meant for some projects got diverted into the bad habit.

Suzzane went ahead to state that when she confronted him about smoking marijuana, the actor said he could not stop because that was the only way for him to keep calm.

The two have been throwing all manner of allegations against each other in the last few days.

Emeka Ike fired the first salvo when he said on a television interview that his wife stopped him of all he owned and tried to pauperize him.

Their son, Michael has been drawn into the fight and he is firmly on his mother’s side.

In a recent interview, he said he was dead to his father and would never need him from him.


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