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Election Riggers are worse than kidnappers, arsonists, rapists, armed robbers, ritualists, 419ers & all bad people put together ~ by Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

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They are not merely stealing your votes, they are stealing our future, they are stealing our country and they are stealing our hope for a better country.

When politicians get to power by stealing votes and harassing the electorate, they will feel that they owe the people no explanation for how they govern or represent us, because they know that we did not vote for them and they are not relying on us to vote for them in the next round of elections.

This is why it is important to resist vote riggers with everything we can afford. If you have some bottles of petrol, do not use it to power your car or your generator, use it on vote riggers the way you would use it on ordinary thieves.

In Imo, my State, there is a law to demolish houses or any other structures where criminal activities are confirmed to have been perpetrated. Vote rigging is a criminal activity. There is no criminal activity that is worse.

I heard there are hotels where notorious vote thieves are currently carrying out their nefarious activities, the people should help the government to bring that hotel down. Go and barricade that hotel. If you cannot physically pull it down, make sure the whole world knows that this is what is done in that hotel. Occupy it. Search those trying to leave there. Arrest anyone found with electoral material or INEC duty tag. Arrest anyone caught with a big amount of money. They are thieves.

Officials deployed for this election are supposed to be at INEC State headquarters along Port-Harcourt Road, not in hotels. Not in Government House. We must not allow these criminals to succeed in imposing their gang members and stooges upon us. Four years is too long a time to be allowed to be stolen.

Let’s Rise up and save our State!


My name is Onwuasoanya FCC Jones, a concerned citizen.

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