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EFCC Vs Yahaya Bello: Tinubu-Led Government Melodrama with Intriguing Characters

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia


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The ongoing attempt by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to arrest former Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello has turned into a captivating melodrama, complete with intriguing characters and unexpected twists. Each day brings new developments and adds more complexity to the already intense drama.

The EFCC’s initial move was the siege they laid on Yahaya Bello’s Abuja House, deploying armed officials in an attempt to apprehend him on corruption charges involving a staggering sum of N80 billion.

The Police:

Drama ensued when officers of the Nigeria Police Force foiled the EFCC’s attempt to arrest Bello at his Abuja residence. A group of armed men, identified as “Special Forces,” along with officers from the Nigeria Police Force, intervened to prevent the EFCC operatives from apprehending him.

Governor Ododo:

In a surprising turn of events, Kogi State Governor Ododo, who succeeded Yahaya Bello, arrived at Bello’s house with a sizeable security team and a crowd of supporters. Reports indicate that Governor Ododo escorted his predecessor away with his official car from his residence to an undisclosed location, effectively thwarting the EFCC’s plans to arrest Yahaya Bello. It is sad that a governor will use his office to obstruct lawful activities of government agency.

Governor Ododo has not yet made a public statement regarding his involvement in this matter.

APC’s Response:

While the public expressed disappointment in Governor Ododo’s actions, the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC) appointed him as the chairman of the governorship primary election panel for Ondo State. This appointment, coming immediately after Governor Ododo’s intervention against the EFCC, has raised eyebrows and led some to speculate that it was a gesture of gratitude from the ruling party for obstructing EFCC from arresting Yahaya Bello.

The Judiciary’s Role:

The Nigerian judiciary has not been immune to the melodrama unfolding in the EFCC vs Yahaya Bello case. Different court orders have been issued, each favoring a different party involved. Yahaya Bello’s media office published an order from a Kogi State High Court, which barred the EFCC from arresting him until the outcome of his fundamental rights suit. On the other hand, the EFCC obtained an order from an Abuja High Court granting them the power to arrest Yahaya Bello. These conflicting court orders have added further confusion to an already complex situation.

EFCC’s Determination:

Following the events at Yahaya Bello’s Abuja house, the EFCC released a press statement declaring the former governor wanted. The statement urged anyone with information regarding Bello’s whereabouts to report to the EFCC or the nearest police station.

Police Responded:

When we had expected that the police would have arrested Yahaya Bello who has been under police and DSS protection as expected since he has been declared wanted. But instead, Police announced withdrawal of all the police attached to Yahaya Bello.

Comments from Tinubu’s Spokesman:

Bayo Onanuga, the President Tinubu’s spokesman, posted on his official X(former twitter) handle advising Yahaya Bello to get a good lawyer. According to him, “Yahaya Bello, where will you run to? It’s better you submit yourself to the EFCC and get a good lawyer.”

The Department of State Services (DSS):
Not even DSS attached to Bello were ordered to arrest him since he has been declared wanted.


The general public urged by EFCC to report Yahaya Bello’s whereabouts to the nearest police station for his arrest are surprise with such expectations from EFCC from them.

People believed that Bello is being protected by the agents of the state (Federal Government) DSS and Police until recently when Police ordered withdrawal of their officers.

Why did police not arrest him instead of just withdrawing their officer attach with him?

This is just melodrama being executed by the government with amusement.

Yahaya Bello’s Stand:

Bello’s approach to the EFCC’s investigation is also disturbing. As a former Governor and an exposed person, it is expected that he should know that dodging EFCC’s invitation or arrest is not the best approach. One would have expected him to have honored their invitation or submit himself to them instead of creating tension. But it is part of what I consider a melodrama.

As the central figure in this unfolding drama, Yahaya Bello’s response to the EFCC’s investigation remains unknown. The former governor, who has faced criticism for alleged financial mismanagement during his tenure, now finds himself at the center of a high-stakes legal battle that could significantly impact his political career and reputation.

The EFCC vs Yahaya Bello case has become a captivating chapter in the Nigerian political landscape, showcasing the power plays, alliances, and conflicts within the ruling APC and beyond. As the investigations and legal proceedings continue, Nigerians eagerly await the resolution of this intriguing melodrama and hope that justice will prevail in the fight against corruption.

Only time will reveal the ultimate outcome of this high-profile case and its long-term implications for the political future of Nigeria.

All eyes are on Tinubu led administration.

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