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Education backslides in Anambra State under Gov Obiano

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obiano*As Anambra loses first position in NECO, WAEC 2015*

Prior to the coming of Obiano, Anambra State was known for her first position as the best performing state in NECO,

 WAEC, SSCE and JAMB exams .

Two years after Obiano [pictured above drinking Anambra away], Anambra State could not find her name in the first ten as 

*Kwara State

*Lagos State

*Imo State 

Lead in the WAEC exams.

While Delta State and Edo lead in NECO exam.

It used to be Anambra State all the way in the entire exam bodies.

Anambra State used to come first in the two exam bodies due to education policy reform and attention paid by past administration.

Today, we are going backward instead of forward.

God save Anambra.

As Anambra State lost her place as best performing state in NECO and WAEC , we own our state a duty .

A duty to redirect the ship of our state. A Duty to use our vote to Correct the 2013 mistake in 2017 .

A duty to use our vote to save Education sector of Anambra State which is the engine room of our future as a State.


Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia writes from Awka, Anambra State.

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