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[Editorial] Fubara/Wike rift: Tinubu must avoid the Rivers State trap?

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia


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In a political drama that seems straight out of a suspense-filled movie, the Nigerian Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike, has allegedly set his sights on using the influence of Mr. President, Ahmed Tinubu, to achieve his political goals in Rivers State. The battleground for this political war is between Wike and his successor, Governor Fubara Sim.

The state of Rivers has long been marred by political rivalries and power struggles. However, the involvement of a prominent figure like President Tinubu raises the stakes and adds a new dimension to the ongoing battle. It begs the question: can Tinubu navigate this treacherous terrain and avoid falling into the trap?

Wike, known for his shrewd political tactics and unwavering ambition, has reportedly sought the support of President Tinubu in his what look like quest to undermine Governor Fubara Sim. By enlisting the assistance of a prominent national figure, Wike hopes to gain the upper hand and secure his political dominance in Rivers State.

However, President Tinubu is no stranger to political maneuvering himself. As a seasoned politician, he is well aware of the pitfalls and challenges that come with such alliances. Will he succumb to Wike’s charm and be drawn into this high-stakes game?

Or will he exercise caution and carefully assess the situation before making any commitments? The first Presidential intervention from Tinubu only delayed what will likely to be all out political war.

Is Governor Fubara ready to surrender his office to Wike camp? It is not going to happen. A governor of Rivers State has enough capacity to wage a political war of any type especially the one that targets his office like this Wike Vs Fubara games.

Rivers State Political Crisis is a huge trap for Tinubu administration that is still striving to gain public confidence owing to the controversy that followed 2023 Presidential election.

Rivers State is also one of the Country’s economic strategic states and a political crisis that is not managed well could disrupt the Oil economy of the country. More reasons Tinubu should be careful with the ‘Rivers Trap’.

The implications of Tinubu’s involvement in the Rivers State political saga cannot be understated. It could potentially shape the future of not only the state but also the political landscape of Nigeria as a whole. The decisions made by Tinubu in this delicate situation will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences.

As the political drama unfolds, all eyes are on Tinubu and how he will navigate this intricate web of power dynamics. Will he remain steadfast in his principles and prioritize the best interests of the people, or will he succumb to the allure of political expediency?

Only time will tell whether Tinubu can successfully dodge this Rivers State trap . In the ever-changing landscape of Nigerian politics, the outcome of this battle will undoubtedly have a ripple effect on the nation’s economy future especially if Tinubu try to back Wike against Fubara.

As citizens, we can only hope that the pursuit of power does not overshadow the greater good of the people and the development of Rivers State.

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